An old-fashioned SERVICE business; established 1973,

2601 Alma Ave. at corner of Reno Ave.  So. Lake Tahoe
 (530) 541-1610.
  ALWAYS by APPOINTMENT; generally open 1:30 PM-4PM.
Please do NOT call before 9 am., nor after 4 pm
Best time to call is 1:30 PM to 4 PM
We have NO drop-in hours, you must have an appointment to be here!

SORRY...we do not, and have never, taken credit cards

This is the BARGAIN BASEMENT page!
New & used electronics; & household items. 


FIRST:  SOME FREE STUFF; and some low cost items. (shipping costs are not included):

1.  Three impact printers for computers:  KX-P1624 long carriage Panasonic. Epson LQ-1070 and KX-P1180.  All in good operating condition.  If you need to use multiple copy forms, these are especially neat to have.  FREE!!!

I also have a Canon PIXMA iP4000 photos, etc. printer, very little used; it's been sitting a long time in storage.  Make offer on this one.  Plugs into computer parallel printer port.

2.  Commercial long-carriage top-of-the-line printer, Epson LQ-2550, with a few brand-new ribbons.  This is a substantially-made heavy duty machine.  I might toss in an serial/parallel port adapter so can be used with most any sort of computer.   Use plain paper or tractor paper, label paper, whatever.....nearly any size paper too.  Power & signal cables are included.    No expensive ink cartridges to purchase with these printers, they use old-style ribbon cartridges....probably available at Staples, ETC.  Impact printers are slow to print compared to laser printers, and they don't do graphics well... but adequately for text, etc....many purposes,....  text printing is fine, and adjustable for quality of printing for both text and graphics via programming, and/or, front panel controls.  FREE!!!

3.  Brand-new tractor unit, Epson 7303W, was for LQ800, may fit others.  FREE!!! 

4.  Several video tape player/recorders.  VHS.    cheeeeep!

TWO boxes (6 rolls each box, so was 12 rolls, but I used one roll, so is only 11 rolls) of brand-new Thermal Fax Paper.   I no longer have that FAX machine, as a very heavy piece of machinery accidentally fell on it.     These rolls are standard 1/2" core type, 8-1/2" x 98' (216 mm x 30 m).  One box is Sharp type FO-20PR6U, other is equivalent from an office supply store.  $5 each box

6.  For Olympus D500-L or D600-L:  extra memory cards, A.C. Adapter C-7AU, manual, etc.  I no longer have the camera, it was accidentally destroyed...boooo hoooo (dropping things from high up will do that). FREE!

7.  Scanner,  Umax Astra.  I used this on my own computer once in awhile, until I changed to a scanner that does 35 mm transparencies/negatives.   This one has VERY FEW hours on it, been stored here a long time as a backup for me, and works perfectly.  With manual, installation disc, parallel port cable, power supply.   Connects to standard parallel port...and can work in conjunction with a parallel port printer connected to same cabling; or, serial to parallel adapter. $25.


8.  Audio/Video Enhancer, model FA-310, in like-new condition throughout, made by Niippon Shokuhin Sangyo Co, of Japan.  Two channels of Left and Right audio input and video input; and same for outputs. Can be used as mono or stereo.  120VAC 50 or 60 Hz
input, 6 watts.  Video inputs and outputs are standard 1Vp-p, 75 ohms, unbalanced.  Audio input is 500mv 47k; and output 500mv 1k.  Sharpness is +14db at 2 mhz.  Audio noise reduction 9 db minimum at 8Khz. This item is well-built mechanically and electronically,
and heavier than it looks from it's size; which is approximately 3 inches by 2 inches by 8 inches. Expected shipping weight is 4 pounds. It has been tested and is guaranteed to be working properly.  Comes with Instruction Manual (manual is very usable, but has some spilt coffee staining).  The original purpose of this unit was to enhance video during transfer/copying/dubbing. The unit decreased the drop in resolution and improved the signal-to-noise ratio.  Videos would have snowy smeared pictures greatly improved. Fading was cancelled, and in general picture quality improved overall. This unit uses the double-delay-line approach, which improved the leading edge and the trailing edge of waveforms; rather than cheaper and lesser quality enhancers that only operated on the leading edge of waveforms. Ease of operation too, only one knob controls sharpness.  A noise suppression circuit is included that works on BOTH audio AND video. Hiss is reduced, and NOT from 'cutting highs' as done in lesser units.  $25, or free with something else.


9.  STEREO Audio Mixer.   $40.  6 channels left and right. Individual reverb on each.  Level and tone controls for each channel.  Microphone and line inputs.  Phantom power for the microphones.  Master volume control and master tone control.  Both stereo and left and right outputs.
Why so cheap?  What's the deal here?
This came to us for repairs due to the protection lamp being on and no audio output FROM THE POWER AMPLIFIERS.   We determined that the entire front panel is functioning properly, and the problem is at least one of the power amp sections is NG.  Fender no longer supplies the part assembly needed.    We obtained this Fender Passport 300 PRO from the customer, we even have the speakers for this unit.  It is not worth our time to repair the power amplifier on a component level basis.  Thus, we are offering this as only a 6 channel mixer.   Speakers possibly available.  $40


SPECIAL items!!  All these items are repaired and fully checked-out, and GUARANTEED!

(1) HIGH POWER Musicians amplifier.
Can also be used for public address, ETC.

Hartke HA4000.  400 watts into 4 ohms.  FULL WRITTEN WARRANTY!      These are selling, used, for $350-$500 on Ebay.  This one is guaranteed to work properly, and is only $218 + tax= $235.44 total.

This amplifier has sophisticated bandwidth controls, something like active crossovers.
(see item 5, below, for a sub-woofer or straight woofer, that would work well with this amplifier)

(2) Marshall amplifier.  If I was to package it for shipping, it would weigh about 20 pounds.
Size, packed for shipping:______________


(3) Fender KXR amplifier.  Guaranteed, of course!    $125 + tx.   This has a 12 inch speaker that was specifically installed by Fender for this model.  TWO separate input channels.  50 watts.  Reverb.  Effects Loop.  Tape input and output.  Phones jack.  4 channel EQ.  Heavy duty castoring wheels and protection bar.  Very clean full-range sound.  Use for keyboards, guitars, general P.A., etc.    Very clean, nice unit.
If I was to package it for shipping, it would weigh about 65 pounds.
Size, packed for shipping:______________


(4)  We try to always have 1 or 2 phonograph  or turntables for sale. ASK.
We also try to always have 1 or 2 cassette tape players that we've overhauled.  Sometimes these are dual-cassette machines. Sometimes these are high-end three motor machines with many features, and ruggedly built, that play/record in both directions.  ASK.
Prices are usually quite good.


(5)  High Power Woofer or Sub-Woofer.     Originally a Carvin SCx1118A, it is now an non-powered Carvin SCx1118.   This is a massive woofer in the proper original Carvin cabinet, that can be used as a very low frequency sub-woofer, or a straight woofer.   Original Carvin Bass Reflex enclosure, made of 13 ply Russian Birch.    The recommended amplifier is 500 to 1000 watts, but it will work well at lower power input, particularly if used as a straight woofer.

The Carvin speaker is 18", 8 ohms, 3" voice coil, rated at 500 to 1000 watts program material, 500 to 700 watts RMS, and 2,000 watts peak power.  The base response extends BELOW 35 Hz!     Frequency response of the woofer and its matching cabinet is:
35 Hz-1.5 Khz at -10db; and 40 Hz-1 Khz at -3db.    The recommended crossover for use as a sub-woofer is 200 Hz.
For the nerdy, I suggest using the factory recommendations of low-pass 80 to 120 Hz at 24 db/oct.   Low-cut at 30 to 35 hz.

This black cabinet is equipped with heavy duty roller wheels.  There are stock recessed handles on the sides.  The entire cabinet is in very nice condition.

If you want really solid bass, this is a way to get it, reliably.
The photo below does not show well how NICE this entire cabinet really is (Including the Tolex covering).
Our price is $150.00....which INCLUDES installing any sort of special speaker jack you would like and bring us; and, a safety fuse in the rear panel.  If the existing 1/4" jack we installed just for testing is not what you want, please supply your jack with purchase, or, ask us.  ***If we do NOT install a special jack nor fuse for you, the price is $130.00.

See item #1, well above, for an idea of an amplifier that will work well if you need to play loud.

We received a number of hifi/stereo/video items, both new or excellent condition, a few needed minor repairs; some were not reasonably repairable and thrown away.  All these items were donated, with the understanding that we would go through each and every one, sell the usable ones at a very reasonable price to you, and all proceeds (100%, we are donating labor AND parts) will go to the Kiwanis Club of Tahoe Sierra, which donates its time, money, donations, etc., for our local children and disabled adults.  

There are turntables, speakers, DVD and Video players, recorders, amplifiers, complete stereos, etc.     ALL WILL BE GUARANTEED ITEMS, and really right-priced to you.  Call me at 530-541-1610 and ask about these items. 

(1)  This is a Memorex DVD/CD player, and checks out and appears to be brand-new, in the box with all packing and paperwork, etc.  It has a remote control which includes all sorts of functions, including slow motion and zoom.  This player will work with your HiFi or TV, or both.  RCA jacks for outputs but also includes S-video output.  It is quite small and compact, less than 10 inches wide and nicely thin.   Black.    Note that it works with all TV screen sizes, INCLUDING 16:9 and 4:3 types, as it is adjustable for them.   $30.00 plus tax, and it is, of course, guaranteed!  This item could be used with the next item (2).

(2)  Complete stereo/Hi-Fi system.  You could add item (1) above.  This is a Hitachi system, am/fm tuner, amplifier, equalizer tone unit, double cassette/recorder/players, and has inputs for a CD/DVD audio player.....ETC.  Complete with two each matching speakers that have woofer/tweeters, rated at 60 watts.   Please excuse the poor photograph, done with poor lighting on my kitchen table! 
There is matching turntable for this system.   It has the special plug needed to plug right into the system, although it could be modified for use with any stereo system.   Entire system, INCLUDING the turntable is $60.   Add a brand-new CD/DVD player for only $30 more.

100% of proceeds goes to the Kiwanis Club of Tahoe Sierra, for distribution to needs of children in our community.  NO exceptions!


(3) gone!


Following repaired items are for sale/trade/: 

(1) Fisher Amplifier:  100 watts per channel, 8 ohms, two channels (for Stereo, HiFi, etc.).  Model CA-273.  Accepts up to 4 each 8 ohm speakers.   $60.00

(2) Wharfedale Diamond IV  8 ohm speaker.  Small, bookshelf type, very
        powerful, with a high wattage capacity.....a QUALITY item.  Only $12



We have the following BRAND NEW items for sale:

(1) Huge inventory of transistors, resistors, capacitors, etc.    We supply these to shops and hobbyists, cheap!   About 80% of the transistors are high power types.  Many thousands of IC's, diodes, etc.
(2)  Video camera, Colby, BRAND NEW and still in original sealed package. Very simple to operate.  1.3 Mp, 2.4" bright color display flip-out & rotatable viewer.  ~3 hours recording time on any standard 4 Mb SD-SDHC type memory card.  Supports up to a 16Gb memory card. AVI, M-JPEG format.  Will play into a TV, cable is included.  Features include still capture, LED low-light assist, 4 X digital zoom, USB transfer port.  Uses 3 each AAA common batteries.  Comes with installation CD.   Will work with most computers...and it DOES support Windows 7, Vista.     You can have it for $12.50.


(3) SOLD

(4)  ATI Radeon Graphic Accelerator card.   Complete with packaging, box, instructions, and installation disc.  Does NOT need a fan, has its own gold plated large heat-sink,  very nice item!   ATI Radeon 9550 AGP   256 Mb DDR2 8X.     There are several versions of the 9550, this was the best one.  Just plug it into a slot in your computer. Especially nice if you have integrated video and want to upgrade for such as more intense graphics work, large monitor size, gaming, etc.   Tested & guaranteed!   I was going to put this new unit in a table-top PC computer, then decided to purchase a laptop.  Only $10. 


(5) Fender-SWR 15" heavy duty speaker $83.45 wholesale cost, in original box.  Make me an offer.

(6) Several assorted types of power cord strip outlets, with spike protection, etc. Most of these are new,
        most have filtering or other spike protection built-in.  Less $ here, than at your local store.
        Prices vary, but range from about $5 to $15.
   Some of these are already sold; and I've added a fancy energy-saving one.
Get these while you can, once gone, there will be no more here.


I will consider bartering, trading, whatever, for most things, so ask!


MISCL area:

(1) Business phone lines adapter  $5  ASK about this one, it is new, never used, and cost nearly $200.

(2) Arabia pottery; genuine, ASK!

(3) A very good 35 mm pro camera outfit, for sale or trade. I purchased this entire outfit brand new for a commercial project, it has had only light use, and is in absolutely wonderful condition.   It all is fitted into a Halliburton 'Zero' aluminum and padded carrying case.  The camera is a Minolta XD11; with the Minolta DataBack fitted (regular back also included).  This camera is a true focal-plane type, yet has automatic aperature and shutter modes, selectable, programmable. Minolta was the first maker to do this, and it was so good that elements of its design were used by Leica in the R4.  This camera is rugged, metal and substantial (NOT plastic!).  

It comes with a variety of lenses and goodies:
Minolta Rokkor-X, 20 mm F2.8
Minolta Rokkor-X, 50 mm F1.4
Vivitar Zoom lens...this is the Macro focusing Auto Zoom, F3.5, 70-210 mm
The lenses are all auto-coupled.

3X TelXtender...and, yes, it is coupled.  This will increase the focal length by three times.
Telescopic lens adapter, you can use your eyeball and the long lens with this!

Spiratone Vignetar adapter, adjustable.
I think there is available an adapter made by some company that would even enable the use of these excellent lenses on digital cameras.  I have more not listed that goes with this outfit.  Includes all sorts of filters (including Hoya 67 mm '80A' used for daylight with 3200 lamps), both 55mm and 67 mm polarizing filters, lens adaptors, extenders, Minolta high magnification adapter for viewfinder, Rollei 134B Automatic Electronic Flash (16" to 20 feet coverage and battery OR                AC powered), literature, manuals, various shutter releases, lens cases, lipstick type lens brush, you really shouldn't need anything else...except maybe a couple of fresh AA batteries and some film! 
Will trade/barter.  ****OPEN TO OFFERS!!!!!













(4) Classic Royal typewriter.  This one is in SUPER condition, everything works properly, VERY nice appearing.  This is the rare & original round-key model.  The narrow white fuzzy vertical streaks above the top row of keys do not exist, they are a reflection from the shiny nickel rims of the keys.  I still use this occasionally.  True museum quality.   Ribbon, spare too, and guaranteed to work properly.  Comes with a nicely made cover.    $150.00 FIRM!!




























(5)  Several electric motors, one on stand (no photo yet, but $15).    Photo below is the 3/4 hp, 115VAC, 3450 rpm ball bearing motor.  Has, I think, 5/8" diameter shafts.  This is a capacitor-start type, so will power a large starting load.  Light rust could be cleaned off (or not).  Runs great.  Pulleys included.   $48 FIRM.   This is NOT Chinese junk!

(6)  I seldom sell test equipment, but a few items will be offered now and then. This is a LARGE Bureau of Standards type of fan-style dynamometer A.C. voltmeter, mirror scale, jeweled bearings, and in original wood-case with leather handle, etc. An antique, but in perfect working condition, and extremely accurate. Suitable for actual use OR museum, these are known for their preciseness and the dynamometer style of movement which eliminates errors in regular analog or digital meters due to waveform distortion. Accuracy is approximately same as a modern digital meter! Discounted to $250. GUARANTEED!


(7) We also have more household items, for sale, or trade, at the following page in my BMW motorcycle technical repairs hobby website:
Some of those items will be put in this bargain-basement page as I get 'around to it' (do you know what a round-tuit, is?).

(8)  Large, heavy, real gold, rubies, diamonds, Chinese Year of Dragon, Pendant.


I am now 80.  I would like to find a buyer for Fleischers Electronics Service. I can provide training/transition.  $15,000, a bargain, & would cover all the parts, tools, test instruments, office equipment, etc.  Are you Interested? Have a serious electronics background and can work at component level for vacuum tube equipment and transistorized equipment?  see:  business-4-sale, a link to a page on this site.
House may be for sale too, furnished?




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