An old-fashioned SERVICE business established here in 1973

2601 Alma Ave. at corner of Reno Ave.
South Lake Tahoe, California
 (530) 541-1610.

This page is only about this electronics business being available for purchase

Below is one SMALL section of the shop workbenches area.  Note the 3 oscilloscopes, the Fender brand amplifier
undergoing repairs testing...and the general chaos of wires, etc.!   It's been a busy season.  The photo does not
show but a fraction of the test equipment, and does not show the quite extensive shelving of new parts, ETC...ETC.


My spine and left leg/hip are deteriorating.  It is unpleasant to lift the heavier musician's amplifiers to my
workbench, etc.  I will be 80 in 2017. By late 2019 I want to sell the business & retire to hobbies, traveling,
and working on the BMW motorcycle technical help website, and increase my involvement with BMW folks.

I can provide training/transition.  The price is $12,000, a bargain, and would cover all the
many thousands of parts, all the electronics business tools, all the extensive test equipment & instruments,
all the extensive literature, desk, cabinets, etc. 

I have also considered selling the house and business together. 
The house could be
available fully
furnished.  Includes a lot of tools & machinery too....even a lathe and
welding gear, LOTS of home repair equipment, etc.   About 1724 square feet of living
and working area, 2 car garage, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths.  Nicely kept up too. 
Clear-Heart redwood exterior, with brick accents, trees, flowers, sprinkler system, etc.  
One of those Must-See places.
...and only ~5 blocks from the woods...and close to the Lake.

Are you Interested in the business, or house and business? Have a reasonably strong electronics repairs
background?  Ideally, you would be competent at component level repairs, knowledgeable about vacuum tube
and solid-state equipment.  Knowledge of musician's electronics is a plus.   I specialized the last 20 years
or so on musician's equipment, but I did several decades of repairs on HiFi/Stereo & industrial electronics. 
I am the only person in this town (and surrounding area!) that does everything except TV's.  The TV stores
send ME their customers for other-than-TV's.  I am a Warranty Station for many makes, such as Fender
Musical Instruments Corp. SOLID reputation at EVERY level.  My shop was even featured on a news program
on KOLO-TV, channel 8, of Reno, NV....which is 1.5  hours travel time from here!  I have a lot of long-time
customers....from all over the area, hardly just locals.

You can also do computer or other repairs, if you'd like to.  I recommend you not do TV
repairs in the beginning, otherwise you would not get the referred business from the major TV
sales/repairs store.

The electronics repair business is presently located in my large garage; no need here at Tahoe for a
'highway' address unless you wished to greatly expand the repair business, and, especially, get into
retail sales.
  For some years now I worked only part-time, as that is all I wanted to do.  The business
can be expanded with quite modest effort to be full time & provide a decent living for someone. 
Expansion could occur in steps.  It could remain a garage operation, or expand to a highway or off-highway
address. Retail sales could be added. The business need not remain at Lake Tahoe, of course.  There are
enough parts, gear, etc., to open a repair store almost anyplace. 

I may be able to help transfer warranty contracts, resale certificate, and all the rest of the things I have that
go with a business.  An even stronger Internet presence is easy to do.   
I have a very-long-time-loyal customer base.
   I don't even advertise in
the Yellow Pages anymore, nor do I have a white pages listing for the business.
You could, if wanting to expand faster.

I have a HUGE inventory of parts and literature. I have a LOT of test equipment & tools.  Office equipment,
extensive literature, ETC....all included.

Contact me if you are seriously interested.   Expect to spend approximately $12,000 if you want everything. 
Expect a return on your investment!   If interested in the house and the business, let's talk!

Serious inquiries ONLY!

By telephone:   530-541-1610
By E-mail, use my hobby address:
By snail mail:
Fleischers Electronics Service
2601 Alma Ave.
So. Lake Tahoe, CA
USA   96150


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