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An old-fashioned SERVICE business established here in 1973.
Previously at 2288 Washington for 4 years, in 1977 we purchased our present building:
2601 Alma Ave. at corner of Reno Ave., South Lake Tahoe, California
(530) 541-1610.

This page is only about the electronics business (and possibly the house, etc.) being available for purchase.
This is now a well-established home-based garage-type business, which eliminates $$$ rent I used to pay for a highway location.   The business had previously been located 1 block off highway 50 in a business area; but, as time went on, I saw no reason, except for retail sales which I was not much interested-in, to pay expensive building rent, etc.  I also did not want to have any more employees; nor, work for so many hours.

Below is one SMALL section of the present shop workbenches area.  Note the oscilloscopes, the Fender brand amplifier undergoing repairs testing ...and the general chaos of wires, etc.!   It's been very busy sometimes.  The photo does not show but a modest fraction of the test equipment, which includes a wow and flutter meter, electronic counter, oscillators, VTVM, power supplies....and a lot more, and does not show the quite extensive shelving and MANY long shelves of new parts, storage cabinet, etc.   VAST in-stock parts for nearly all makes.  Included is a large quality office type metal desk with drawers for your office; a filing cabinet (full of schematics, repair manuals, etc); and a truly vast collection of semiconductors and every other type of electronic parts. 

Below is just one of the 'machines' that might have been available. Besides the genuine LeBlond Regal lathe (with a LARGE amount of tooling), I had a power hacksaw, both gas (large oxy-acet) and electric (mig type) welding equipment, a table saw, and a LOT more.  More than you might believe.  Perfect for the hobbyist!  At the present moment, as I type this, the major machinery is gone (or spoken for); as it's not needed for the electronics business anyway....only the lathe and lathe tooling grinder is left to be picked up, 2019 Summer. 

So...what's going on?
My spine and left leg/hip have been deteriorating for a long time.  It is now unpleasant to lift the heavier musician's amplifiers to my workbench, etc. I recently have had a serious recurrence of prostate cancer; it is not curable and the present treatment, likely to continue for a long time, has unpleasant side-effects; but, I may live for many more years.  It is time to enjoy whatever life I have left, although I do intend to keep repairing electronics, unless the business is sold (probably unlikely).   Penny and I decided to sell out at Tahoe.   Originally we planned to retire to a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Milwaukie, near Portland, Oregon.   We waited for ~ 2 years to get a cottage at Rose Villa, the CCRC; ...but had not been moving up the waiting list much.  We think it would take too many more years of, we changed plans.  We have already started to move to Carson City to a rented house and very likely will continue the electronics repair business there, all before late 2019....I need to install shelving, electricity, and much much more.  I am doing it all rather slowly.

We need to downsize in order to move.  I'd like to have everything sold and us moved by late Summer of 2019.  Best for me might be to sell the business; but, so far, have not found a buyer locally.   I can provide training/transition.  The price for the business is $15,000, a true bargain, a few penny's on the dollar, and covers all the MANY thousands of parts, all the electronics business tools, all the extensive test equipment & instruments, tools, etc....and, all the extensive repair schematics and other literature, desk, cabinets, etc.  I will consider the business with the house, fully furnished too.....should someone be interested.    Here is some brief information:

The house itself has 1900+- square feet, 3 bedrooms (one is an upstairs master bedroom, and its size is substantial, as it covers the entire area above the extra large two-car garage), 2 full baths, MANY EXTENSIVE UPGRADES.  The grounds are landscaped with trees, flowers, berries, etc.

The garage is oversize 2 car with EXTENSIVE workbenches, VERY EXTENSIVE shelving, etc.  A hobbyists or service persons delight!The garage ...even the doors ...are also insulated ...and the garage is heated.

All is nicely kept up. The roof(s) were recently replaced (the downstairs is double-roofed, and insulated, the two attics are also insulated).   The best multiple-paned low-e glass windows, etc.  The house has $$$ Clear-Heart T & G real redwood exterior, lots of brick accents, trees, extensive flowers, berries, etc. Timer actuated 2-stage sprinkler system, etc.  VERY presentable of the very best homes in the area.  Newer appliances too, etc.

The interior is a masculine delight, with massive solid wood real functioning open beams, nice kitchen, and a hand-built iron and brick fireplace with controlled wood burning (and, of course, also an efficient central natural-gas forced-air heating system).  Complete security and alarm system.  A place to enjoy the Tahoe life-style in comfort.  Furniture is matching, high quality, substantial.  Recent new laundry equipment, refrigerator, water heater, etc.

Located in a well-established QUIET neighborhood with nice neighbors. One of the world's finest ski resorts is 5 miles away (Heavenly Valley) and several others within easy driving distance.    We are not in a dangerous fire zone area, and a fire hydrant is across the street from the house. ...another is only a short distance further.

One of those Must-See places. Take a look; just plug in the address on Google Earth! We are only ~5 blocks from the woods ...and close to the Lake.

The house will go officially on the market near the end of June, 2019, on the MLS, etc.  As of that time, I will begin moving some of the less-often used shop items to the Carson City garage/shop, but the Tahoe shop will remain operational.

Are you interested in the business, or house ...or both? Have a reasonably strong electronics repairs background?  Ideally, you would be competent at component level repairs, knowledgeable about vacuum tube and solid-state equipment.  Knowledge of musician's electronics is a plus.   I specialized the last ~20 years or so on musician's equipment, but I did several decades of repairs on HiFi/Stereo & industrial electronics.  I am the only person in this town (and quite wide surrounding area) that did it all, and it is still is that way.  The two TV and home theatre stores SEND ME their customers for other-than-TV's service.  I am a Warranty Station for many makes, just one such is Fender Musical Instruments Corp.  I have a SOLID reputation at EVERY level, NO complaints to B.E.A.R. in all my decades here.  My shop was even featured on a news program on KOLO-TV, channel 8, of Reno, NV.  I have a lot of long-time customers....from all over a very wide area, hardly just locals. I am fully licensed by the State and City. 

You could also do computer or other repairs, if you'd like to.  I recommend you not do TV repairs in the beginning, otherwise you would not get the referred business from the two local TV sales stores.

No need here at Tahoe for a 'highway' address unless you wished to expand the repair business into walk-in retail sales.  For some years now I worked only part-time, as that is all I wanted to do; possibly this might fit in with your desires too?  The business can be expanded with quite modest effort to be full time & even provide a good living.  Expansion could occur in steps.  It could remain a garage operation, or expand to a highway or off-highway address. Retail sales could be added. The business need not remain at Lake Tahoe.  There are enough parts, gear, etc., to quickly immediately open a repair store almost anyplace.

If you wished to expand the business quickly, my suggestions would be to make at least one video and post it on You Tube, etc., and do some additional update posting on Facebook, etc.  I have not done this on purpose, as I do not wish to work more hours.   I do suggest you start slow, and enjoy the lifestyle and outdoors here!  If you want to work only part time, and are semi-retired, you will love it.

I will help transfer warranty contracts if possible, resale certificate if possible, and all the rest of the things that go with a business.  An even stronger Internet presence is easy to do.   I have a very-long-time-loyal customer base.   I don't even advertise in the Yellow Pages anymore, nor do I have a white pages listing for the business.  I do have an internet presence.

I have to turn down business, and restrict my hours ....because I don't want to work full days, 7 days a week!

I have a HUGE inventory of parts and literature.  I have a LOT of test equipment & tools.  Office equipment, extensive schematics, service literature, ETC....all is included.   Contact me if you are seriously interested.   Expect to spend $15,000, if you want everything for just the electronics repair shop.   You are not going to believe the enormous stock I have, nor the extensive test instruments and tools.

As of June 2019, the value of the house/property, furnished and with the shop, ~ $500,000.

Here is the listing on Zillow as of March 2019, that did NOT include the business nor did it include the house furnishings, etc.  Thus, the sale price is a bargain, probably worth $40K more than we are asking.
"Property recently surveyed and marked. Living area 1904 sq ft. Plus garage 632 sq ft. Plus decks 259 sq ft.
Newer roofs. Clear heart resawn tongue and groove redwood exterior. Oversize 2 car garage with extensive
workbenches and storage. Newer appliances. Available furnished. Massive beams construction. Above grade,
no flooding. 100 feet to fire hydrant. Nice landscaped yard with lawn, flowers, solar lamps, fruit trees. Gutters,
bar-b-q pit. LOTS of storage space inside house and covered external storage space."

ZestimateŽ: $483,630
3 bd, 2 ba, 1904 sqft
2601 Alma Ave, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Proposed house selling price would be ~480K, including furnishings.  Serious inquiries ONLY!   While I can...and will...provide information, you will have to deal with my Agent, and she will want assurance from you that you are serious, and can financially purchase the house or get financing.   Looky-loos likely will be discouraged.

By telephone:   530-541-1610
By snail mail: 
Fleischer Electronics Service,
R. Fleischer
2601 Alma Ave.
So. Lake Tahoe, CA
USA   96150


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