An old-fashioned SERVICE business established here in 1973

2601 Alma Ave. at corner of Reno Ave.
South Lake Tahoe, California
 (530) 541-1610.

This page is only about this electronics business (AND POSSIBLY MUCH MORE) being available for purchase

Below is one SMALL section of the shop workbenches area.  Note the 3 oscilloscopes, the Fender brand amplifier
undergoing repairs testing...and the general chaos of wires, etc.!   It's been a busy season.  The photo does not
show but a fraction of the test equipment, and does not show the quite extensive shelving and shelves of new parts,
NOR, the metal working machinery that might be available.....ETC...ETC.

My spine and left leg/hip are deteriorating.  It is unpleasant to lift the heavier musician's amplifiers to my
workbench, etc.  I will be 80 in 2017. BEFORE MID 2019 I want to sell the business & retire to a planned
community for old folks, in Portland Oregon.

I can provide training/transition.  The price is $12,000, a true bargain, and would cover all the
many thousands of parts, all the electronics business tools, all the extensive test equipment & instruments,
all the extensive literature, desk, cabinets, etc. It does not include the metal working machinery such as
the Leblond lathe, welding equipment, etc., although that WILL be available....see next paragraph...

I am considering selling the house, probably furnished too... and business together. 

Includes a lot of tools & machinery too ....the lathe and both electric and gas welding
equipment, table and power hand saws, power hacksaw, and a LOT MORE, including
a huge amount of various tools.  LOTS of home repair equipment, etc.  
About 1724 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, UPGRADES, landscaped with trees,
flowers, berries, ETC......with a 2 car garage with EXTENSIVE workbenches, shelving,
etc.  A hobbyists or service persons delight!  Nicely kept up too; and even the roof(s)
were recently replaced (the downstairs is a double, and insulated!).  The best multiple-
paned glass windows, etc.  The house is very presentable, with $$$ Clear-Heart redwood
exterior, lots of brick accents, trees, flowers, berries, lawn, sprinkler system, etc.  
The interior is a masculine delight, with massive wood beams, nice kitchen, and a hand-built
iron and brick fireplace with controlled wood burning (and, of course, also a central
natural-gas heating system).  Complete security and alarm system.  A place to enjoy the Tahoe
life-style in comfort. 
Established neighborhood, with nice neighbors.  1/2 mile from highway, and QUIET.
One of the world's finest ski resorts is 4 miles or so (Heavenly Valley) and several others within
easy driving distance. 
One of those Must-See places.
...and only ~5 blocks from the woods ...and close to the Lake.

Are you Interested in the business, or house and business? Have a reasonably strong electronics repairs
background?  Ideally, you would be competent at component level repairs, knowledgeable about vacuum tube
and solid-state equipment.  Knowledge of musician's electronics is a plus.   I specialized the last 20 years
or so on musician's equipment, but I did several decades of repairs on HiFi/Stereo & industrial electronics. 
I am the only person in this town (and surrounding area!) that does everything (except TV's).  The TV stores
send ME their customers for other-than-TV's.  I am a Warranty Station for many makes, such as Fender
Musical Instruments Corp. I have a SOLID reputation at EVERY level.  My shop was even featured on a
news program on KOLO-TV, channel 8, of Reno, NV....which is 1.5  hours travel time from here!  I have a lot
of long-time customers....from all over the area, hardly just locals.

You can also do computer or other repairs, if you'd like to.  I recommend you not do TV
repairs in the beginning, otherwise you would not get the referred business from the major TV
sales/repairs store.

The electronics repair business is presently located in my large garage; but with room for a car/suv, and
a few motorcycles..... no need here at Tahoe for a 'highway' address unless you wished to greatly expand
the repair business; or get into retail sales.
For some years now I worked only part-time, as that is all I wanted to do.  The business
can be expanded with quite modest effort to be full time & provide a decent living for someone. 
Expansion could occur in steps.  It could remain a garage operation, or expand to a highway or off-highway
address. Retail sales could be added. The business need not remain at Lake Tahoe, of course.  There are
enough parts, gear, etc., to quickly immediately open a repair store almost anyplace. 

I may be able to help transfer warranty contracts, resale certificate, and all the rest of the things I have that
go with a business.  An even stronger Internet presence is easy to do.   
I have a very-long-time-loyal customer base.
   I don't even advertise in
the Yellow Pages anymore, nor do I have a white pages listing for the business.
I do have an internet presence.
I have to turn down business, because I don't want to work full days, 7 days a week!

I have a HUGE inventory of parts and literature. I have a LOT of test equipment & tools.  Office equipment,
extensive literature, ETC....all included.

Contact me if you are seriously interested.   Expect to spend approximately $12,000 if you want everything for
just the electronics repair shop.

If you purchased the business, house, furnishings, tools, machinery, ...basically everything,
you will need about $450K as of mid-2017.  The price will be going up with house market value.
The house alone value is increasing approximately 8% per year.

Expect a return on your investment!  

Serious inquiries ONLY!

By telephone:   530-541-1610
By E-mail:
By snail mail:
Fleischer Electronics Service
2601 Alma Ave.
So. Lake Tahoe, CA
USA   96150


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