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1903 Teal Drive in Carson City, Nevada (detail instructions to find us are located a few paragraphs below).

We have NO drop-in/show-up hours ....>>you must have an appointment!       (775) 461-3530       You may call between 10 am and 4 pm (I usually have NO access to the appointments calendar at other times). Morning appointments may SOMETIMES be available.  More normal are 1:30 to 4 pm appointments, 7 days a week.

Arriving for your appointment, you may call me on your cell phone to let me know you are here; or, knock on the garage door; or, ring the bell at the front door (bell pushbutton is on the wall, to right of front door).  You may park on the right side of the driveway, as shown in the photo further down this page. Wearing of masks is REQUIRED by the Governor.  You will not be allowed inside the shop/garage without a mask (& must remain at 10' or more....not 6'). ..............................................................................................................
NOTE, regarding YELP:  We have been unable, after many attempts, to regain full and proper editing control over our Yelp account, and our listings, in Yelp, including   I think the information being presented is up-to-date, as of July 2nd, 2020.....not sure.    We ARE open.

Fleischer Electronics Service is an old-fashioned SERVICE business, serving the Greater Lake Tahoe, Carson City, & Reno area ...and beyond ...since 1973.  I work on modern and antique radios, HiFi/Stereos, home theatre, musicians electronics, Juke box amplifiers, and general electronics repairs, ...and sometimes 'weird stuff' such as battery chargers; lamps; controllers, etc.   I work on both vacuum tube and transistorized items.

We do NOT work on:  TV, games, computers, Smart phones, office machines.

I do not, and have never, taken credit or debit cards.

The following is provided because some GPS units (and Siri...?) ...and mapping services ...provide WRONG information, & I don't want you to get lost.   The repair shop is located inside "Quail Run", a 55+ gated community, long-ago called Heritage Park.  There is still an obelisk saying Heritage Park at the northwest corner of Saliman & Fairview.  Our address is 1903 Teal Drive (at the intersection of Teal Drive & Gambrel Drive).  THERE IS ONLY ONE OPEN ENTRANCE TO THIS AREA ....& that is via Bobwhite Drive, which is off Fairview Drive (NOT Saliman Rd).  The Bobwhite Drive entrance is 1/4th block southwest of Saliman on Fairview Dr.   DO NOT use what appears-to-be an entrance off Saliman Road.  The Speed limit is 15 mph inside this Quail Run community.

From Fairview DriveImmediately after passing through the open gate on Bobwhite Drive, turn RIGHT onto Bantail Drive and follow it a short ways to where it curves to the left ...where its name changes to Teal Drive.  Continue to 1903 Teal Dr., which is on your right side.  The building numbers are not in exact numbering order but are clearly marked.  DO NOT park on the street (Fire Department & Community Regulations).  Parking areas:  on the RIGHT SIDE of my driveway; or, at the parking area on the left side of Teal Dr.  at the curve (at the postal boxes area); or, at another parking area just past Gambrel Dr, on the left side of Teal Drive, just a few feet from me.   Speed limit is 15 mph!


More brands we service are listed further down.  Note that, effective February 14, 2020, we no longer do warranty work for any brand where we have to do the paperwork, or deal with incoming or outgoing shipping.   This may change, but we are going to try it for awhile.

SOME of our test gear at ONE of our workbenches at our previous address.  Was a particularly messy & busy week when I took this photo.  It is less messy at the new Carson City shop; and we have additional test equipment.   Not shown is the machinery, the long shelves of parts, cabinets, storage areas, etc.

Below is what the shop at Carson City looks like, and, the 'basic' parts storage shed.



A professional 4 track recorder...we've done
several of these:

For decades we did Fender Authorized in & out of warranty service for all Fender-owned brands (and, other brands too).

Warranty work is especially time-consuming, the pay is low, & the paperwork, handling, & any receiving-shipping is a PIA.  Warranty work is a money loser for us
Effective Feb.14th, 2020, we WILL NOT be doing ANY warranty work, for any brand, for which WE have to bill the factory, or where WE have to handle receiving & shipping.  This policy may change.


My HINTS page covers speaker phasing, etc. I will add to that page now & then with things for musician's, & HiFi/Stereo/HomeTheatre owners.   If you have a subject you would like covered on the HINTS page, let me know!

We have quality brands of vacuum tubes, including Groove Tubes and others.  Tube matching & bias services.

We are a long-established electronics SERVICE business. We are not a retailer although we MAY have some repaired items for sale, and we do sometimes supply parts to hobbyists.  Here is a link to our page of repaired & other items for sale, or trade, and often some FREE things there too!  THE PAGE DOES NOT COVER ALL WE HAVE FOR SALE (OR, TRADE)
Bargain Basement (CLICK!)

WE SERVICE, Modify, Design, & REPAIR; specializing on Musicians Electronics.  WE NO LONGER DO FRETWORK & NECK WORK.

We DO work on the electronics inside of guitars.

OTHER repair stores send their difficult repairs to us!  We were featured on KOLO-TV/Reno for our expertise & SERVICE.

We do NOT try to sell you parts nor service that we think are a waste of your money.   We stock quality parts including vacuum tubes that we know from experience & testing hold up to the stresses of musician's & other  usages.

We offer free advice on maintenance & use of your equipment.

We offer special services, seldom offered by others. Just one: Professional musicians usually have an especially good ear for TONE.  Since the make & model of vacuum tubes & output tubes bias settings ....and some other parts such as certain capacitors and resistors ... have an effect on tone,  not just the effect on bass thinness or output tube life, we offer tube selection & bias work ..often while you are here, playing your instrument through your own amplifier & your own speakers.  "We can get you YOUR tone".  We also make recommendations on use of equipment & guitar setup.


I would like to find someone (who might already be retired?), to take over some or all of this business, as I am getting old, and won't be around forever.  Price/terms negotiable.


I've had an electronics repair business since my mid-teens.
The repair business was originally started as a hobby business, a very long time ago, & had nothing to do with my 'real job', as an electronics engineer.     Prior to moving to Lake Tahoe I was the Chief Engineer of Linear Corp.  Great company to work for, & my position was what I dreamed about and worked towards since a teen....but, after a few years I wanted to get out of the Los Angeles Rat Race.  At Tahoe I initially serviced TV's for two major resorts. I soon quit TV work & for many years did stereo & hi-fi repairs for the local stores as a sub-contractor.  My employees and I did nearly all non-TV electronics repairs in the entire ~90 mile radius area, from a building on Washington Ave, and later in a larger building behind Kings Center.  HiFi, Stereo & other electronics repairs; design & installing sound systems in homes, businesses & churches. We sold & installed car stereos as Ultimate Auto Stereo in a separate building.  We did an increasing amount of repairs & modifications for musicians.  I eventually moved the entire repair business (including my employees) to my large garage, mostly to avoid drop-in customers and looky-loos ...and to keep costs down, enabling passing on substantial savings to you, and, improving our efficiency.   Today, semi-retired, the company consists of me.

BSEE (UCLA).  MSEE (Stanford).  Many decades working in electronics design & repairs.  Patents in the electronics field.

Worked for other companies besides Linear?

Yes... Douglas; Hughes Systems & Malibu Labs; BMW; RadioPlane; Telemeter Magnetics; Stoddart Aircraft Radio and Stoddart Electro-Systems; Medical Measurements Corp.

Did you serve in the Military: 
 Yes, for a long time. Semper Fi!

Who designed & maintains this lousy, trashy, messy, overly-wordy antique of a website?

Really Grumpy?   Seldom; unless you show up without an appointment.

Do you have an hourly rate?
  My prices are purposely kept low & reasonable.  I often have time to chat (unpaid, which I do too much).   Shop parts & labor policies/rates are detailed on another page: pricing
NOTE that the pricing page also contains details about storage fees, etc., for items not picked up.

 Licensed: State, City; FCC;  etc














What charitable & other organizations have you and your wife been associated with?

Sons In Retirement (SIRS) ....I was also their Webmaster. Volunteered at Bed & Broth at St. Theresa's. Board of Directors of the Kiwanis Club of Tahoe Sierra.  Involved with Kiwanis things for local children.  Kiwanis Club has one big yearly fundraiser: Septoberfest! Penny was Kiwanis President-elect. I chaired the stein-holding contest for years at Septoberfest. Our involvement included the Vikingsholm station for the Tour 'd Tahoe and Bike the West (both many times).    I participated in most Kiwanis activities, but my involvement slowed & finally stopped, mostly due to health problems, plus our moving to Carson City.  With the nasty Virus going around, we have not yet joined the local Club.


What do you do for fun ...or?

We both ride bicycles & do a lot of walking. I have given up racing/riding motorcycles & sidecar rigs & long distance backpacking.  Still ski XC & downhill; but may stop.  I still fly small airplanes now and then.  We like Ballroom Dancing, concerts, travel, events, etc.  I authored & maintain a massive BMW m/c technical repairs website that is known all over the world. I am a well-known 'guru' for BMW bike repairs (I was, long ago, the traveling West Coast tech consultant for the Company).  I play classical & jazz piano.  Penny plays the ukulele.  I have no room for large machines now, so have given up being an amateur machinist. I still restore antique radios. Used to restore old motorcycles.  Photo below was my last sidecar rig. I have over 650,000 miles on BMW motorcycles, maybe 850K on all brands of bikes.  I stopped riding in 2019. I greatly miss it.

For years I took care of the computer network for So. Lake Tahoe Senior Citizens Center.

I have worked with the Special Olympics; LTATF; & was Chairman of The Ryan White Consortium for both Alpine & ElDorado Counties for several years.

Penny was a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate for children) in the SLT area for a long time. Member of Friends of the Library.  Until mid-2019 I was still actively volunteering for Bread & Broth;  ....& Penny volunteering for Meals on Wheels. She was the Director of Bringing Art To Schools program (BATS). She volunteered at the Juvenile Treatment Center.  Charter Member of the Lake Tahoe Ukulelians way back to when it was called the Tahoe Aunties!  She was trying to get a ukulele group together in the Carson City area, and was playing/singing at several senior's type places, and volunteering at the Fremont school to help children with reading problems up until this virus problem came about.   I expect our community involvement will come back after this virus situation subsides enough.  We will also likely re-join Muscle-Powered  (the bicycling and hiking group here in CC).

Last Updated:  07/07/2020