An old-fashioned SERVICE business;
est. at Lake Tahoe in 1972,

serving the Greater Lake Tahoe Area.

Fleischer Electronics, while specializing in Musician's Electronics,
also does general electronics servicing, engineering, & "sometimes
really odd-ball-strange stuff".



WE stock a very wide assortment of parts including Vacuum tubes from 1920's to the present, for every sort of radio, amplifier, tuner, ETC....for home, industry, & musicians.  We have tubes that are exceedingly difficult to find.  Truly fair prices too.    ASK US!     (530) 541-1610
Since 1977, 2601 Alma Ave. (corner of Reno Ave.), So. Lake Tahoe, CA

Please do NOT call before 9 am, nor after 4 pm.   Best time to call is 1:30 PM to 4 PM.  We have NO drop-in hours: you must have an appointment to be here! This policy has been in place for decades, so we can concentrate without interruptions on the serious repairs we often do.

For some years we have offered very low cost 'quickie' initial look-see's for all sorts of receivers, amplifiers, etc.  Typically we spent 1/2 hour or more, and charged around $5 or $10.   We can no longer afford to do this at such a cheap rate.  If you want to know how much it will cost for us to analyze your equipment and provide an estimate, just ask.  In general, we will charge for estimates, because that is where most of our time is spent: analyzing your equipment's problems.  There will be some exceptions to this.

We do not, and have never, accepted credit cards.

The business is for sale.  I should retire, I'm 80.  You can purchase the entire business, & all the test gear & parts, for about $15K.   I may consider selling the house, furnished, & the business, together.  Includes a lot of tools & machinery too...even a lathe & welding gear, home repair equipment, etc.   1724 square feet of living area, oversize 2 car garage, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths.  Nicely kept up too.  Clear-Heart redwood exterior, with brick accents, etc. Beautiful yard.   One of those Must-See places.  For more information:


Fender Authorized in & out of warranty
service & parts for all Fender brands,
such as: Fender, Tacoma, Olympia, Gretsch, Jackson, Rhodes, Squier, Guild, etc.   GrooveTubes and others are available, often from stock.
Loaner and Rental amplifiers or combo units sometimes available.
Speaker reconing service available.

Bargain Basement:
A link to our page of repaired &
other items for sale, or trade.

NO television work!  For TV purchase or
repair/service, We recommend Frank's TV; (530) 541-5596.

REALLY an old guy?    Yes!!

Due to back & left hip/leg problems, I 
avoid large, heavy, or bulky items like keyboards & I no longer pick-up & deliver heavy consoles.
There is a HINTS page, covering speaker phasing, etc. I will add to that page now & then with other things for musician's, & HiFi/Stereo/HomeTheatre owners.   
If you have a subject you would like covered on that HINTS page, let me know!
We stock vacuum tubes, including hard to find types.  Quality brands, including Groove Tubes, etc!  Tube matching service.

Company background: Prior to moving to Lake Tahoe in 1972 (to get out of the Los Angeles Rat Race), I was Chief Engineer for Linear Corp.  The Lake Tahoe electronics repair business was opened immediately.  I serviced TV's for two resorts. I soon quit TV work. For many years I did stereo & hi-fi repairs for other stores, on a wholesale basis as sub-contractor. Nearly all non-TV electronics repairs in this entire area eventually were done by me & my employees in a building behind Kings Center.  HiFi, Stereo & other electronics repairs; design & installing sound systems in homes, businesses & churches. We sold & installed car stereos as Ultimate Auto Stereo.  We did a fair amount of repairs & modifications for musicians; this became a larger part of the business over the years, & now is the major portion. I still do engineering & repairs for almost any type of electronics EXCEPT TV. I eventually moved the repair business to my home garage.   

BSEE (UCLA), MSEE (Stanford), & many decades working in electronics design & repairs.  Patents in the electronics field.

Some more brands we service....









We are: a long-established electronics SERVICE business. We are NOT a retailer although we usually have some things for sale in our Bargain Basement (CLICK!). 

We do SERVICE, Modification, Design, & REPAIRS; specializing on Musicians Electronics, but we also work on home, office, & medical equipment.  We work on the electronics of most guitars. We no longer do fretwork & neck work, and can refer you to others.

OTHER repair stores send their
difficult repairs to us!  We've been
featured on such as KOLO-TV/Reno
for our expertise & SERVICE.

We do NOT try to sell you parts nor
service that we think are a waste of your money.   We stock quality parts, including vacuum tubes, that we know from experience & testing, hold up to the stresses of musician's usage.

We offer free advice on maintenance & use of your equipment.

We offer special services, almost never offered by others. Just one of these: Many musicians, in particular real pros, have an especially good ear for TONE quality.  Since the make & model of vacuum tubes AND output tubes bias settings have a goodly effect on tone quality, not just the effect on bass thinness or output tube life, we offer tube selection & bias work while you are here, playing your guitar through your own amplifier & your own speakers.  "We get you YOUR tone".  We can also make recommendations of use of your equipment, guitar setup, ETC.

Occasionally we take on 'projects', such as antique radios; and 'weird stuff'. 

A link to our page of repaired & other items for sale, or trade, and often some FREE things there too!

Worked for other companies besides Linear?   
Yes... Douglas; Hughes Systems & Malibu Labs;  RadioPlane; Telemeter Magnetics; Stoddart Aircraft Radio and Stoddart Electro-Systems; and lastly, Medical
Measurements Corp.

Did you serve in the Military:  yes, for a very long time.  Semper Fi!

Who is responsible for designing & maintaining this lousy website?

Really Grumpy?   Seldom, unless you show up without an appointment.

I have 'heard' that you closed the business, & now I hear you may be selling the business...?   Never closed.  I simply changed the telephone number to a private, non-business number.  There was no 'referral' from ATT after 1 year. 

I was 80 in 2017, and intended to try to retire to hobbies & traveling by 2020. It's true that I would like to find a buyer, ideally for the home and business.  For just the business, I would provide training & transition and the business assets for $15K, a bargain, & would cover parts, tools, test instruments, office furniture, service literature, etc.  Interested? Have a good electronics background?
see:  business-4-sale, a link to a page on this site.

Do you have an hourly rate? California requires we publish & post our maximum rate, on paper, on a wall/etc., in our shop.  Actual rate is much lower: maximum of $36/hr for the first hour, thereafter $28/hr.    Many times we spend an hour or more on something for you & only charge a few bucks, sometimes nothing. Because I operate out of my garage, and work part-time, my prices can be kept low and I have time to chat. I typically offer a lot of time-consuming free advice, or general BS friendliness.

California Repair Service Bureau license 15748. Licensed, City of SLT; FCC; etc.

What do you do for fun...OR...?
Bicycling, backpacking, downhill/XC skiing, camping, riding motorcycles & sidecar rigs.  Ballroom dancing with my wife, Penny. Authored & maintain a BMW M/C technical repairs website that is known all over the world. I am a well-known 'guru' for BMW M/C repairs. Play, poorly, classical & jazz piano.  Amateur machinist. Restore antique radios. Restore old motorcycles.  The final and last restoration is my own 1995 BMW motorcycle.  Photo below is of my previous sidecar rig, I have a later one now.  I have over 600,000 miles on BMW motorcycles, maybe 850K on all bikes.


What charitable & other organizations have you and your wife been associated with?

Sons In Retirement (SIRS), as their Webmaster.

 Was on the Board of Directors of the Kiwanis Club of Tahoe Sierra. The Club has one big fundraiser per year: Septoberfest!
Wife, Penny, was the President-elect and 2017 Chair for Septoberfest. I chair the stein-holding contest at Septoberfest.  'The Fest' is one of the last true bargains at South Lake Tahoe; with everything included:  Beer, wine, full German buffet...etc.   $45. I participate in most all of the Kiwanis activities.  That includes the Vikingsholm Aid Station for the Tour 'd Tahoe & Bike The West, and in many things for local kids.

Webmaster and computer network guy for So. Lake Tahoe Senior Citizens Center.
Special Olympics, long ago. Others from quite some time ago: LTATF; and, Chairman of Ryan White consortium for both Alpine and ElDorado Counties.

  Penny was a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate for children) in this area for a long time. Friends of the Library.  Bread & Broth 4 Kids.  She delivers for Meals on Wheels and helps with various children's programs in town.  She was the Director of Bringing Art To Schools program better known as BATS. Volunteer at the Juvenile Treatment Center & at Barton Hospital Skilled Nursing Center. Charter Member of the Lake Tahoe Ukulelians.  Plays/sings with small groups at various places, such as the Senior Center and "Choices" and Barton Hospital Skilled Nursing.  Penny & I invite you to visit the main Ukulele group...up to 80 people may be there, having FUN, playing and singing...every week, at the upstairs room at the American Legion Hall.  I am usually downstairs, working on my laptop computer and having a beer.  Ukulele's are available for free use, & there is free instruction. Things usually start happening around 5 pm and go until 8 pm.  Call Penny for information:  (530) 541-1610

Last Updated:  11/25/2017