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We reserve the right to make special arrangements with customers, including pricing & hourly rates.
No out of town checks, except with well-established prior customers.  NO credit cards.  NO debit cards.  
No vehicle work. No modern automobile radio/stereo work. 
Items with defaced/illegible or missing serial numbers may not be worked on; with some exceptions.
Warranty begins day customer picked up item. Warranty is only on work WE did. Standard warranty is 90 days.
NOT responsible for problems customer did not complain about; nor, customer abuse by such as wrong amplifier speaker output loading; nor, problems due to customer removing safety grounding connection.
Storage fees $5.00 per day beginning 5 days after being notified item ready for pickup, unless agreed upon otherwise, IN ADVANCE.

Parts are invoiced at 2nd lowest of the 5 levels established by Narda Sperry-Tech. This does not apply to some items, such as vacuum tubes, which may be discounted differently.

Official Published Shop maximum Labor Rate:  $80 for the first hour; then $45 per hour. Minimum labor rates: $36 for the first hour; then $28 per hour.   We reserve the right to reduce labor charges/rates for any reason.

Analysis/Estimate fees:
Vary with item.  Analysis/estimate fees are normally included in quotations; and we MAY require analysis/estimate, or other costs to be fully or partially paid in advance.
Basic 2 channel receivers up to 100 watt/ch: $39.
3 to 7 channel receivers:  $55.
edium sized musicians mixers, amps, etc. : $55.
Difficult items & such as large complex items, very high power amplifiers, large mixers, difficult R/R items, etc. : up to a maximum $105.

Bounced checks must be paid for in cash (only) within 3 days, and WILL include our actual bank fees costs PLUS $25.00. Several days after attempt at notification without favorable response, we file with Authorities, automatically.

Service calls:   $80 Flat Fee, which includes up to :45 at your site.  If over 18 miles in one direction, will be a quoted extra charge.
$45 per hour after the first 45 minutes at site. Items removed to shop will be billed at published shop rates.

Last Updated:  03/23/2020