Revised 10/18/2020

We reserve the right to make special agreed-upon arrangements with anyone, regarding pricing & hourly rates, and most anything else.
No out of area checks, except with well-established prior customers.  NO credit cards.  NO debit cards.  
No vehicle work....that includes no automobile radio/stereo work.  In general, no very large/heavy items.
Items with deliberately defaced/illegible or missing serial numbers may not be worked on.
Warranty is only on work WE did, and begins day customer picked up item. Standard warranty is 90 days.
NOT responsible for problems customer did not complain about; nor, customer abuse by such as wrong amplifier speaker output loading or problems due to customer removing safety grounding connections.
Parts are invoiced at 2nd lowest of the 5 levels established by Narda Sperry-Tech. This does not apply to some items, such as vacuum tubes.

We have a limited area for storage.  Items not picked up promptly have created so many problems for us that we have had to declare storage fees and procedures, for use IF NEEDED.  Storage fees $5.00 per day begin 20 days after being notified three times that the item is ready for pickup, ....unless agreed upon otherwise IN ADVANCE. Being notified includes leaving messages on customer's telephone or answering machine; or, 10 business days after mailing such a notice of storage fees to customer's as-provided mailing address.    If no response to all these attempts to contact customer again by telephone, e-mail and/or other method, then, 30 days afterwards, item will be offered for sale to the public.   Small Claims action may be instituted, at our choice.   IN ANY SITUATION WHERE STORAGE FEES HAVE TO BE CHARGED, ONLY CASH WILL BE ACCEPTABLE FOR PAYMENT....THAT MEANS NO CHECKS, NO BANK CHECKS, NO CREDIT CARDS, ETC.   Cash only.     Customer will be placed on a list of similar.

NOTE:    For decades, schedule & time permitting, we have offered 'best-guess, relatively quick analysis/estimates'.  The price is low, ...and you don't leave your item here for repairs in order to obtain this cheaper type of analysis/estimate (compared to a formal detailed estimate).   This best-guess, relatively quick analysis, is DONE ONLY WHILE you are here.  While the cost depends on the item, & amount of time spent, typically the price is $5 to $20.  I usually will explain what I am doing and why, while you are watching me do the analysis/estimate.   SOMETIMES we find fixing a problem to be simple and quick to do, and WE MAY offer to do the needed repair, while you wait.  Cash only.  Arrange for this service ahead of your Appointment time.   Should you decide to leave the unit for repairs, regular fees apply and our formal analysis will likely be done.  

We reserve the right to reduce labor charges/rates for any reason.

Shop labor rate:
$36 for the first half-hour; then $28 per full hour.

Service calls:   $80 Flat Fee, which includes up to 45 minutes at customer's site.  If over 18 miles in one direction, will be an extra charge of $0.80/mile each way.  $45 per hour after the first 45 minutes at site.    ***We are presently, due to the Covid virus, NOT doing service calls***

Analysis/Estimate fees vary:  Analysis/estimate fees, often known as a Minimum Fee, are normally included in formal quotations.  There are quite rare instances in which we do a minimum fee or analysis/estimate, and the customer declines to repair the unit at that time, and, considerable disassembly-reassembly WAS involved or otherwise a SUBSTANTIAL amount of labor. In such a case WE MAY not include the, or some of the, then paid minimum fee, should the customer much later decide he wants to have the repair done, and so brings back the unit for repairs. In most instances, the job is re-quoted at no charge.   In other words, if we disassemble and reassemble, the customer takes the unit, and later brings it back, we may charge for the second disassembly for the repair.

We MAY require analysis/estimate, or other costs, to be fully or partially paid, in advance.   The following are our analysis/estimate minimum fees.  NOTE that the amount of time assigned to analysis/estimate is not fixed....but.....up to 2 hours (far beyond what most shops will do) is typically going to be available on complex-to-analyze items.    In electronics repairs work, labor time spent on analysis can be considerable. We can no longer offer free look-sees.  Sometimes we find that a repair has taken vastly less time than originally estimated, in such cases we usually substantially reduce the previously quoted service fee.

Vacuum tube testing:   1 to 10 vacuum tubes;  $5.00.  Over 10 vacuum tubes, 50 cents per tube.

Basic 2 channel receivers up to ~90 watts per channel; SOME simpler Boom Boxes; separate tuners; most separate radios; single (and SOME dual deck) cassette players; separate CD players up to 6 disc (carousel types); up to modest-sized home sizes of speakers with simple access; up to 6 channel non-powered mixers.  Tabletop antique radios.   $39.

Large home speakers, or speakers requiring speaker unit removal to gain internal access to crossover, etc.; magazine type CD/DVD players or CD/DVD players that are part of an item containing an AM/FM radio and cassette deck and/or phonograph; 3 to 7 channel receivers, med-sized musicians mixers or amps.  Boom Boxes with lengthy disassembly.  SOME very complicated dual-cassette decks. $55-$65.

Large, heavy, musicians amplifiers; or, any amplifier over 110W/ch; or, high powered amplifiers with Class D circuitry; over 6 channel mixers or powered mixers over 80w/ch; open-reel (reel-to-reel) machines, over 6 disc CD players; powered speakers; some large antique radio consoles.   $65-$80 typical, some are higher.

Some Items may require a specially-quoted analysis/estimate labor rate.

Test item usage fee:  Certain test equipment items have limited lifetimes due to wear with age and/or usage, such as "factory-standard" test tapes for frequency range & performance, wow & flutter, ETC.  Many of these items are no longer available from the original manufacturers; or, are only available at high cost.   If these fail due to normal or otherwise wear, we may have to spend considerable amount of time/money obtaining new ones.   Usage fees apply to many such items, including FACTORY test tapes & FACTORY tape torque meters; or specialty versions. 
10-1/2" Open Reel test tapes (any tape width):  $12.00.    ALL other tape types and sizes, including smaller open reel types, 8 track cartridge types; and micro, mini, and standard cassette types; all inclusive 1 to 8 tracks:   $6.00. 
We DO NOT charge for use of our standardized CD/DVD discs, unless a brand new disc is being recorded on your equipment, to become part of your repair, and, even so, the charge is generally approximately $1.

Bounced checks:
In 46 years at LakeTahoe and at Carson City, we have had only 5 bad (bounced) checks.  I consider this to be super good!   But, we need to have a written policy.  If your check bounces:
Must be paid for in cash (only) within 10 days of our good attempts at notification.  Payment MUST include our ACTUAL bank fee costs ....PLUS $25.00 to cover time spent to correct ledgers, correct our sales tax filings, etc. Several days after such mentioned good attempts at notification, without favorable response, we WILL AUTOMATICALLY file a FORMAL WRITTEN COMPLAINT, with the appropriate Authorities, and any costs will be added-to any existing charges.   You may be interested to know that only once in over 50 years have we had to go to Court over a bounced check!   I think our customers are THE BEST!

Last Updated:  11/26/2020