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SORRY!...we do not, and have never, taken credit nor debit cards.


New & repaired electronics; ....& maybe some household items.


>>>>>THIS PAGE DOES NOT COVER ALL WE HAVE FOR SALE (OR, TRADE).  This is particularly so for electronics items!


1.  Two hand-made Baoding Chiming Balls, with case. "Made since ~1000 AD". Rotate them by hand to hear the sound. The Chinese claimed health & mental calmness from their use.  With booklet.  $25


2.  For Olympus D500-L or D600-L:  extra memory cards, A.C. Adapter C-7AU, manual, etc.  I no longer have the camera, it was accidentally destroyed ...boooo hoooo (dropping things from high up will do that).   $10 + shipping

3.  As my health fails more and more, I have thought about how to dispose of things I regarded as 'backup' test equipment.  I have a number of items of test equipment that I accumulated specifically as backups, in case my main test gear items failed.  Failure of critical items will tend to shut-down an electronics repair business, until the item can be repaired or another purchased.   After a lot of thought, especially considering my health, ....I will probably have to close the business in two years (maybe a bit longer?).....I have started to slowly sell spare, back-up, test gear.   Major such items you might be interested in include TWO Adjust-A-Volt type units, usually called Variac's, one is 0-135 v, the other is 0-220 volts; a twin-channel oscilloscope, soldering equipment, a HP function generator, and some other items, even a multimeter....etc.   I may get around to taking photos and pricing this stuff (it WILL BE CHEAP).   ASK!     I also have large amounts of parts for all sorts of items.

4.  SOLD

5.  Cell Phone range extender!   Cisco manufactured this Microcell (also called a Femtocell) for AT&T, who supplied it to their customers, for $$ (plus a lot of begging).  Model SC-DPH154-4U-ATT.  It turns your home or office area into what amounts to a cell-tower right thereTotally eliminates the problem of a no or very weak cell phone signal. It works on 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, etc.    I think ATT wants over $100 for one of these, if they are even still available (ATT has greatly changed what it will do, since the end of 2019).   This was one of mine,  I have had several, and the last purchase was for two Microcells from ATT, keeping this one for a backup, which I did not use except for testing just before I moved to Carson City.  I no longer need this as I have a strong signal for my present cell phone at home and office.   This device simply plugs into your computer system Ethernet jack, so it can use your Internet connection be converted to a cell phone signal, which is also amplified.     I've been told it will work on other systems, but this was the ATT version, the only system I've checked it on.  If you already have an ATT DSL system, but a poor cell phone signal, this is what you want, to get a very strong cell phone signal.  It works with DSL, fiber, or cable, and connects to an ethernet port on your modem or router.  Not for use with satellite, so says ATT.  AT&T says to use this where the existing wireless signal strength is 3 bars or less. My signal at Tahoe was 1 bar inside my house, until I installed one of these, then all bars were lit.  There are other uses for this item which I will not get into here.    $50, FIRM.  It is like new, of course, with original box, paperwork, power unit, etc.  It does not cost anything to use this item, using your existing wireless plan. It is possible to add an unlimited calling feature, if you'd like that; I didn't need it.   I suggest calling ATT after you plug this into your system, and have ATT "activate" it (it does this remotely).  NOTE!  You can use more than one phone with this unit!  You simply ask ATT to add someone's phone number to the list for your Microcell.  My first one of these had the entire extended family with all their cell phones working with this unit, if in or close to my house.   A couple of family members also got their own, after seeing what this gadget will do.   This device should be placed close to a window for best performance; I suggest a windowsill inside your house or office.
50 bucks and it's yours.

6.  SOLD

7.  Quality musicians and HiFi replacement speakers, with cone sizes 6.5", 8", 10", 12", 15". Heavy duty speakers; some 8 ohms, some 4 ohms, maybe one at 16 ohms.  Some brand new, some rebuilt professionally, some still in original boxes.  Brands like Eminence, Fender, etc. Priced way under wholesale. These are NOT used/removed from equipment (I do have a FEW of those, cheap...).
One of these quality speakers, in fact the most expensive one, is a Fender-SWR 15" heavy duty speaker ....$83.45 wholesale cost what it cost for shipping to me. It is in the original shipping box.  Make me an offer for any of these. Call for information, or send me an E...or come see them.

NOTE:  I also have a HUGE collection of small speakers (5" and smaller).  Cheap! 
I need the room!

8.  I have quite a number of speakers in their boxes/cabinets.  Some of these are of pretty high quality; power levels from a few watts to 100.  All will be cheap.  

I NEED THE ROOM! me get ride of all my speakers and speakers-in-cabinets!

a FEW of the below speaker boxes are now gone.

9.  Huge inventory of transistors, IC's, resistors, capacitors, etc.    We have also supplied these to shops and hobbyists, particularly since there is no Radio Shack store.    About 80% of the transistors are high power types.  Many thousands of items.  Typically considerably discounted.  You could also purchase the entire operating business and stock.  I'm still working, repairing electronics....wanna make a deal?  I really should retire, at my age.    (hmmm...maybe I should trade for a motorcycle or something...??)

10.  SOLD

11.  FREE!    ATI Radeon Graphic Accelerator card.   Complete with packaging, box, instructions, and installation disc.  Does NOT need a fan, has its own gold plated large heat-sink.   Very nice item!   ATI Radeon 9550 AGP   256 Mb DDR2 8X.     There are several versions of the 9550, this was the best one.  Just plug it into a proper slot in your computer. Especially nice if you have integrated video and want to upgrade for such as more intense graphics work, or have a large monitor, do on-line gaming, etc.  Tested & guaranteed!   I was going to put this new unit in a table-top PC computer, then decided to purchase a laptop. 
I had this listed for $10, which I'd donate to the local foodbank or other worthy charity.  It did not sell, so, it is now Free (we'd not turn down a donation!).

12.  FREE!   Apple TV adapter/streamer.   Streams music, photos, etc from iTunes, on a pc or mac, etc.  I purchased this in a big box of stuff and there is no remote control. I know almost nothing about these things (I'm a Windows guy).  It has some very fine printing on it, containing A1625, which I assume is the model number.   FREE!

13.  I have a fair amount of assorted computer items, such as a very good router/wifi unit, which I obtained from ATT, for use with ATT-DSL.  I'm not using DSL where I have moved to.  How about  $'ll save a lot, compared to ATT prices.
I also have an ATT-approved-and-sold MICROCELL!!!   ASK!  It essentially puts a cell tower into your home, eliminating weak cell-phone signals.  It's probably listed on this page someplace.

14.  Sony Turntable (PS-LX300USB)....Has BOTH standard HiFi/Stereo output (just plug it in to your stereo); AND, has USB output!....yes, you can plug this turntable into your computer, and make your own copies, burn CD's or DVD's, ETC.    Excellent stylus (needle, diamond, N-6516-1, in cartridge 9-885-117-76), and comes with drive belt, so is ready to use.   At the time I am writing this, September 2020, Walmart is selling these on closeout for $179.95.   This was my personal turntable.   My price to you:   $65.00 (plus tax).  Little use...and....Guaranteed!

15.  Phonograph/turntable records cleaning.  This consists of a used, but functional, Vac-O-Rec, which has a motor that rotates the record, and internal parts that remove static electricity, clean the grooves, ETC.     My price is $35 firm.  Sorry about the lousy snapshot.



I will consider bartering, trading, whatever, for most things, so ask!   I need storage space for ongoing customer repairs, projects, etc.

NOTE:   This business, or all its assets, is for sale.   Everything ...that's a huge amount of for sale, including all records, literature, test gear (massive amounts), parts (double that massiveness!).  You'll need about $15-$18K.  ASK ME for all the details.

13.  One piece only of Arabia pottery; genuine, ASK! 


14.   Classic Royal typewriter.  This one is in SUPER condition, everything works properly.  VERY nice appearing.  This is the more rare round-key model.  The narrow white fuzzy vertical streaks above the top row of keys do not exist, they are a reflection from the shiny nickel rims of the keys.  I still use this occasionally.  True museum quality.   Extra ribbon (new) too, and guaranteed to work properly.  Comes with a nicely made cover and a reprint of the factory manual, etc.    Price reduced to $145.00

15.  A more modern long carriage Remington manual typewriter, $40.   This is still in use in my business.

16.   Very nice projectors.  One is for slides, 35 and 2-1/4 (both sizes), 500 watt; other is a 8 mm movie projector.  Both in very nice condition, and guaranteed.  Ask me about them.  I probably will toss-in a viewer and some other stuff, even brand-new spare lamp, etc.

17.  I seldom sell my test equipment, but an item will be offered now and then that I no longer need.
This offering is an antique.   LARGE Bureau of Standards type of fan-style dynamometer A.C. voltmeter, mirror scale, jeweled bearings, and in original wood-case with leather handle, etc. An antique, but in perfect working condition, and extremely accurate. Suitable for actual use OR museum, these are known for their preciseness and the obtainium these days of a dynamometer style of movement which eliminates errors present in regular analog or digital meters due to waveform distortion. Price reduced to $150. GUARANTEED!

18.  I have a digital voltmeter-ammeter-resistance, capacitance, frequency, etc., meter.   A tech-in training tried to clean the face where the selection of range knob is, and did it with strong chemicals, instead of mild detergent/water.  I had to put bits of Avery label on some of the panel.  Works fine.  These have been sold under various names, including FLUKE!   It will be cheap, so ask.  Maybe I can get around to taking a photo.

19.  I  have more household items and 'stuff' on my BMW motorcycle technical repairs hobby website:     Also has a list of things I want.

Some of those wanted or for sale items will be put in this bargain-basement page as (IF!) I get 'around to it' (do you know what a round-tuit, is?).

20.  SOLD

21.  I have boxes full of computer cords, computer mice, adaptors, speakers, DSL stuff, ETC.....ask about what you need.  CHEEEEP.


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