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I have many more things not shown on this page.   Often free or extremely cheap.  Even have some power supplies with various outputs, walwarts, stereo equipment, musicians varies a whole bunch.


>>>>>THIS PAGE DOES NOT COVER ALL WE HAVE FOR SALE (OR, TRADE).  This is particularly so for electronics items!

For more sale stuff:



Speakers in-original-shipping boxes:

Fender-SWR, 15", as used on SWR 15 Pro.

Fender Celestion, as used on Blues Jr, etc.   8 ohms.

Eminence, 15", 140W Pk, 100 W RMS, 40Hz-5 Khz, 8 ohms, 2" VC,
30 ounce magnet.  Brand-new.

These three above heavy magnet, heavy duty speakers can be used not only by musicians, but on powerful home systems.  I need shelf space for small parts, customer items, etc.   I am, therefore, selling these AT WHOLESALE, or below.    Your cost, $58, plus tax, for any one of these.    Buy all three, and I'll knock off 10%, and take a loss on them.



Massive overbuilt, industrial-commercial quality power supply.  I designed and built this a long time ago, and intended it to be useful for many projects, even such minor things such as battery charging (small to HUGE batteries), running old time radios and other gear, ETC., that required lots of amperes (and, even wide voltage adjustment range).  All technical information is included.   There is a huge transformer (rated 60 amperes output); full set (and spares) of huge diodes (these are pipe thread types!); heat sinks, a Variac (12 ampere, Superior Electric brand), a 50,000 mfd capacitor for filtering, a large voltmeter and a large ammeter.  The ammeter runs off a commercial millivolt shunt; yep, nothing but top quality and over-the-top parts and construction.  The large case, as you can see from the photos, has a push-button openable top and rear.   This power supply runs on common household 115VAC, just plug it in.
I'm asking $100 for it, including spares.  I suspect the case alone would cost that, these days.    








Powerful subwoofer. Can also be used upwards into the mid and lower woofer range. Capable of quite high bass & sub-bass sound levels. NON-amplified. Ready to have us install whatever jack you'd like, ...then, you connect to your amp (I recommended a crossover or other filtering, such as active electronics). 500 watts maximum rating! 4 ohms. This sub-woofer, in original box, is very well and substantially-built. This is a Dayton Audio Trad 500 DSP unit, which we converted from amplified to non-amplified. Speaker and case in very nice condition...nicer than my crude photos with their reflections show. This came to us from the owner with a no-sound complaint. We determined that the 500 watt amplifier was shorted. Owner did not want to have repaired, which would have been quite costly. We removed the 500 watt amplifier, digital processor, etc. and threw away those items.  We are selling this woofer in its original box for only $75 plus tax. That INCLUDES installing your jack, or a common heavy-duty 1/4" jack into the backplate, with any machining required. If your jack will fit any of the existing rear plate holes without any machining, the total price is reduced to $60 plus tax.
This item can be used for home hifi or home theatre.  An additional use could be for a bass-playing musician, to give a much better sound than most common and even quite expensive musician's speakers can provide.   Bring your amp, and your guitar, and I can connect this up for you to evaluate.

Most every 'mark' on the case, or reflection on the front screen, does not exist.

Pioneer PL-115D turntable.  EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD condition.  Very nice cabinet and very nice clear plastic cover;
mechanism is also in very nice condition.  It looks AND WORKS like a new one. I have gone through this unit in my shop, and
it needs nothing.  It has been cleaned, lubricated, and ALL adjustments made, such as needle overhang, anti-skate weight,
arm height, etc.   It comes with a BRAND NEW Walco diamond stylus (needle) (see plastic box below the tone arm)
model W586STD to fit its ADC (Audio Dynamics) cartridge.  It comes with the 45 adaptor. It comes with a BRAND NEW
belt.  It also comes with the original factory oiler, extra weight for the arm for heavier cartridges, overhang adjustment
gauge, ETC.  It comes to you in the original factory shipping carton and safety packaging, etc.  Even the original
transportation screws are attached.  In addition, I have enclosed a copy of the Pioneer Service Manual.  
This is the nicest, cleanest, best one of these, I have seen in a long time.   If you check Ebay, folks are asking over
$153 for just a perfect plastic cover.    I am asking $225.00 for everything; plus tax; and, I am offering a FULL warranty!

This Sony HCD-S300 unit is often used for a home theatre system, or simple surround-sound stereo, etc.  It plays CD's, DVD's, Video DVD's, and has AM/FM, Dolby-Surround, and FIVE amplifiers, all built-in.   It has speaker outputs for all of the FIVE amplifiers (this type of unit is often called a 5.1 channel type), and the internal processor selects, automatically, the channels, although you can manually select them, or, just play in stereo.   Sony describes this unit as 5.1 channel, Class-T, digital.  You have speaker outputs for the channels you might expect: front right, center, front left, rear right, rear left;  AND!...there is a direct-to-woofer speaker output channel.  NO crossover network needed for the woofer, which can be a smallish type if you wish.    There are also "S" and RCA type inputs/outputs.  All channels are rated at 30 watts RMS power, EACH.  The outputs are rated at 3 ohms, thus you can use any type of speakers, rated 16 ohms down to 3 ohms. I do NOT have the remote control for this unit, but you can control disc playing selection, etc., and, volume, etc., from the front panel buttons.  I also do NOT have the original speakers, nor speaker plugs.    This unit works well, and the price is: 
 FREE.   It would be $$ if I had the remote, speakers and plugs.  It is in very nice condition.  Sorry about the reflection from the flash in my camera.   Remote controls are available, many sources.


1.  I usually have a couple of modest sized HiFi's/stereos of various makes/models/condition.  Ask about I usually sell them cheaply.  I usually also guarantee them!  Sometimes I just give them away...especially if they have something that was not repaired...perhaps twin cassette players that were not worth fixing, but the AM/FM/AMPS all worked fine can ask!

2.  For Olympus D500-L or D600-L:  extra memory cards, A.C. Adapter C-7AU, manual, etc.  I no longer have the camera, it was accidentally destroyed ...boooo hoooo (dropping things from high up will do that).   $10 + shipping

I also have a number of new memory cards of various types; a Sony memory stick that is new, and other such memory items. 

3.  DVD/CD player.  TRULY ALMOST BRAND NEW!  This unit was purchased by me, brand-new, for a specific job, and used a total of only three times.  We took a specially made data disc to a remote site, and played it for about 1/4th hour each trip, to reset the code on a customer's computing equipment.  We used this player once more, to play some Christmas music.  Total hours is LESS THAN 7.  This player will connect with all types of the usual audio devices, including just about any HiFi/stereo; but also most TV's and home theaters ...even with HDMI connections, and, just about every other type of connection.   It will play nearly every type of standard disc (including DVD's)...and a lot that are not standard.  This is a very good quality  unit.  Brand:  Toshiba.   My price is WAY less than wholesale!   $80, and includes warranty; remote control; and, booklet.

NOTE!...I also have a Hitachi CD player, in good working condition, serviced by me.  Only $36.00.  GUARANTEED!

Note:  Sometimes I have some older items that I've repaired, and they were never picked-up, or?......sometimes I even have a VHS video tape player, etc.  Almost always the price is really cheap.  Occasionally a free item too.

4.  Peavey Pacer 100 musicians amplifier.  This is from their SS 100 Series.   I repaired the output stage using original Peavey parts, and have fully tested this amp.   Peavey hit the bell with this model; probably the best value available; and lots of features.  It was designed for pro use.   It is relatively small, not very heavy either, yet it has a quite good construction and design, featuring a 12 inch speaker with a substantial magnet.  This is a professional amp, 45 watts into 8 ohms, 90 watts peak power, with a full range of controls, including reverb and master volume and over-drive.   Peavey, as well as me, recommends this amp for studio or practice use, or recording sessions, particularly for those who do not want to drag around a big heavy monster amp.  This amp has a LOT of punch and a very considerable amount of available sustain, distortion (when wanted) and lots of overdrive will handle just about any club job, or even some outdoors events.   Cabinet is 3/4", covered in 34 ounce Tolex, to hold up to on-the-road conditions (The Tolex is in truly great shape too!).   A REAL spring-type reverb unit and professional metal corners are standard on these, and there is a large amount of reverb available, as is also a large amount of gain and overdrive.    The lowest price I've found on Ebay for one of these is $220, plus shipping, and it was not nearly as nice looking. My price to you: $160.   I will offer a money back warranty!  

5.   This is a Public Address type of amplifier.  It is rated at 100 watts RMS.  It has a lot of various inputs, such as common 1/4 inch jacks, as well as Amphenol 3 pin jacks (the common type for professional microphones, etc.).  There are 4 input channels, also has an RCA input auxilliary input.   This PA amplifier directly connects to need for 70.7 volt transformers.  This amp includes a power meter...and, a very useful control, called an anti-feedback control, that is used to reduce chances for squealing feedback that is so annoying when it occurs in such as auditoriums, etc.   I have fully tested all functions, including full power output tests on an oscilloscope, ETC.   My price to you is only $70.    Brand:  Realistic (Radio Shack, Tandy).  Model MPA-90, also called a Model 32-2024.   GUARANTEED.
Uses:  business offices; churches, etc.....AND, this amplifier is perfect for a small to medium band or group, where you need several microphones with separate controls for those mics....and, it offers a line input type preamp channel too.   This means that you can have a group with multiple singers, a keyboard, etc...etc.  It even has a line (Monitor) output.

6.  Cell Phone range extender!   Cisco manufactured this Microcell (also called a Femtocell) for AT&T, who supplied it to their customers, for $$ (plus a lot of begging).  Model SC-DPH154-4U-ATT.  It turns your home or office area into what amounts to a cell-tower right thereTotally eliminates the problem of a no or very weak cell phone signal. It works on 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, etc.    I think ATT wants over $100 for one of these, if they are even still available (ATT has greatly changed what ATT will do for its customers, since the end of 2019).   This unit was mine.  I have had several, and the last purchase was for two Microcells from ATT, keeping this one for a backup, which I did not use except for testing just before I moved to Carson City.  I no longer need this as I have a strong signal for my present cell phone at home and office.   This device simply plugs into your computer system Ethernet jack, so it can use your Internet connection be converted to a cell phone signal, which is also amplified.     I've been told it will work on other systems, but this was the ATT version, the only system I've checked it on.  If you already have an ATT DSL system, but a poor cell phone signal, this is what you may want, to get a very strong cell phone signal.  It works with DSL, fiber, or cable, and connects to an ethernet port on your modem or router.  Not for use with satellite, so says ATT.  AT&T says to use this where the existing wireless signal strength is 3 bars or less. My signal at Tahoe was 1 bar inside my house, until I installed one of these, then all bars were lit.  There are other uses for this item which I will not get into here.    It is like new, with original box, paperwork, power unit, etc.  It does not cost anything to use this item, using your existing wireless plan. It is possible to add an unlimited calling feature, if you'd like that; I didn't need it.   I suggest calling ATT after you plug this into your system, and have ATT "activate" it (it does this remotely).  NOTE!  You can use more than one phone with this unit!  You simply ask ATT to add someone's phone number to the list for your Microcell, such as your spouse, child, or a friendly neighbor, I guess.  My first one of these had the entire extended family with all their cell phones working with this unit, if in or near my house.   A couple of other folks also got their own, after seeing what this gadget will do.   This device should be placed close to a window for best performance; I suggest on a window sill inside your house or office.    This item may work on other systems, and I am not sure what ATT does with them now...I have not tested it for such, but been told that it works on other brands.  You get to find out if it works with your or others phones.  Only 10 bucks and it's yours.

7.  Replacement speakers, some boxed, some in cabinets.  Various sizes, from very tiny to 18".   Cheap.  Many smaller ones are or even free! ASK.

8.  Smith Corona Spell-Right 100.   Dictionary, calculator, etc.   Very nice condition.   FREE!

9.  I NEED ROOM! me get rid of all my speakers and speakers-in-cabinets! The photo shows only some of the cabinet speakers I have.  I do have other speakers, many are brand new in original boxes.

10.  Huge inventory of transistors, IC's, resistors, capacitors, etc.    We have also supplied these to shops and hobbyists, particularly since there is no Radio Shack store.    Tens of thousands of items.  You could also purchase the entire operating business and stock.  I'm still working, repairing electronics; until my heart problems or prostate cancer eventually become too bad.

I also have a large variety of new and used plug-in power units, often called WalWorts.  All sorts of voltages, AC/DC, power outputs, etc. 

11.  High sensitivity 4 band (AM, FM, Weather, TV audio) General Electric Radio.  Works on internal batteries or regular house wall outlet (115VAC).  This was G.E.'s Superadio, and it will, as opposed to just about every other radio now-a-days, bring in distant AM stations where even big HiFi receivers will not.  Good on FM and TV audio too!   Price reduced to $25.  For a bit extra, I can install a really long extendable rod antenna in place of the short one this radio has....will give you even longer range for FM and TV audio...or, just connect any old piece of wire to the units existing antenna system, even at the rod.   Sorry about the photo, the particular camera I used won't focus close-up.

12.  FREE!    ATI Radeon Graphic Accelerator card.   Complete with packaging, box, instructions, and installation disc.  Does NOT need a fan, has its own gold plated large heat-sink.   Very nice item!   ATI Radeon 9550 AGP   256 Mb DDR2 8X.     There are several versions of the 9550, this was the best one.  Just plug it into a proper slot in your old computer. Especially nice if you have integrated video and want to upgrade for such as more intense graphics work, or have a large monitor, do on-line gaming, etc.  Tested & guaranteed!   I was going to put this new unit into a large computer, then decided to purchase a laptop.  I had this listed for $20, which I'd donate to the local foodbank or other worthy charity.  It did not sell, so, it is now Free (we'd not turn down a donation!).

13.   Hughes Gold Edition, Direct TV Satellite Receiver model HIRD-E2.    FREE.

14.  I have a fair amount of assorted computer items, such as a very good router/wifi unit, which I obtained from ATT, for use with ATT-DSL.  I'm not using DSL where I have moved-to.  How about  $25'll save a lot, compared to ATT prices.

15.  Sony KV-8100 Triniton Color TV.  Works on common AC line voltage (110-125VAC) AND, works on 12 to 24 volts DC (such as from a battery in a trailer or mobile home, etc.).    Works fine.  Portable.  High quality, well-built, so is fairly heavy. Has a handle, so you can carry this around to  wherever.  I can't find the power cords, must be around here someplace!
 FREE...pick it up at my shop in Carson City, NV.  I will accept a donation

 In the same photo, is very small B/W TV, AC or DC operated, and it also has AM/FM; and, additionally, both video and audio inputs.  This, as well as the Sony, just above, can be used as bedside units, or in a travel trailer, ETC.   $20 for the small one.

These TV's can not only play old tv signals, but can play a variety of signals from such as your players: DVD's, CD's, VHS's, video cameras, etc.


16.  Record cleaning unit.  This consists of a used, but functional, Vac-O-Rec, which has a motor that rotates the record, and internal parts that remove static electricity, clean the grooves, ETC.   This was my personal cleaner.   Sorry about the lousy distorted snapshot.
You simply plug the unit into a wall outlet, and put your cleanable phonograph record in the slot, as shown.  The internal motor rotates the record, and there are antistatic fingers, and cleaning brushes inside.    Price reduced to $10.

17.   "Hollywood" Boomer, top of the line, premium quality bicycle carrier, fits (and has a key hitch lock) into standard 2 inch square opening hitch.  Very sturdy and very well built.  Carries 1, 2, 3, or 4 bicycles. The top has the standard extension, which allows 4 bicycles, instead of 2, is easily removable.  Has anti-sway, anti-wobble features,  This premium carrier has an extension piece that is standard, to keep the bicycle wheels from spinning.  The main tube tilts, folds, etc.  I made nice tubing spacers for the top bar...these are removable, and the purpose was to keep our bicycles from rubbing each other at any place.  This carrier has No-Mar V-channel supports and key locks on both top clamps.  Key locking hitch pin.   Keys are the real deal, not some cheapo luggage key. 
  Really like new, as the carrier was only used a few times before I suddenly got cancer; and it has been stored ever since.  These sell for about $$$$ now.  Your price is only $150.   Includes a spare hitch pin and clip (non-locking), extra keys, ETC.   Even some pads and bungees.  NOTHING else needed.    I will not ship this. 

18.   Classic Royal typewriter.  This one is in SUPER condition, everything works properly.  VERY nice appearing.  This is the more rare round-key model.  The narrow white fuzzy vertical streaks above the top row of keys do not exist, they are a reflection from the shiny nickel rims of the keys.  I still use this occasionally.  True museum quality.   Extra ribbon (new) too, and guaranteed to work properly.  Comes with a nicely made cover and a reprint of the thick factory manual, etc.    Price reduced to $140.00.   These sell for about $300 in good operating condition, at Ebay, shops, etc., these days.

19.  A more modern long carriage Remington manual typewriter, priced at only $90.   This is still in occasional use in my business.

20.  GONE!

21.  I seldom sell my test equipment, but an item will be offered now and then that I no longer need. This is a LARGE SIZE "Bureau of Standards" type fan-style dynamometer A.C./D.C (DC and AC 25-1000 cps) voltmeter, mirror scale, jeweled bearings, and in original wood-case with leather handle, etc.  This model version is specifically designed for common power line voltages.  It is in perfect working condition, and extremely accurate. Suitable for actual use ....or museum, ...these are known for their preciseness and generally almost obtainium these days in this exceptional condition and accuracy.  This has excellent condition jeweled (of course!) electro-dynamometer style of movement which eliminates errors present in regular analog or digital meters due to waveform distortion.  I have quite a story for you on the times I have used this meter to resolve power company versus consumer problems.  A simplified summary is that this meter's accuracy, as shown in Court, has causes a judge to rule for the consumer.   Weston model 341.  $150.  You may pick it up from me in person, or, you may pay packing and shipping costs. GUARANTEED!

22.  SOLD!

23.  I  have more household items and 'stuff' on a for-sale page in my BMW motorcycle technical repairs website:     Also has a short list of things I'm looking for. 

24.  I have boxes full of computer cords, computer mice, adaptors, speakers, DSL stuff, ETC.....ask about what you need/want.  CHEEEEP.
Sometimes I toss in a thing or two, to enable closing a deal on something else.


I will consider bartering, trading, whatever, for most things, so ask!   I need storage space for ongoing customer repairs, projects, etc....AND...I don't want to leave my wife, Penny, with zillions of things to dispose of after I die.

NOTE:   This business, with all its assets, is for sale.   Everything ...that's a huge amount of for sale. You'll need about $10-$18K.  Click on:   business for sale page

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