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Fleischer Electronics Service...
an old-fashioned service business, locally serving the greater Lake Tahoe to Carson City & Reno areas....and far beyond ....since 1972.
After 48 years at So. Lake Tahoe, I moved the repair shop to Carson City in November 2019. 

You are looking at:  https://FleischerElectronicsService.com


DO NOT show up without an appointment.   You may be interrupting my work for others...


Please read carefully! 

I work on modern & vintage items (and, sometimes antique radios, which I classify as antiques if made before ~1960).  I work on all sorts of radios, HiFi's, stereos, phonographs, turntables, musicians electronics, and general electronics.  I work on both vacuum tube & transistorized ('solid state') items, both analog and digital.  NO TV's!   No video recorders/players.

Besides repairs on most types of electronics, I do occasional soldering jobs for folks; analysis; a bit of electronics engineering, etc.   I supply electronics parts (I stock an exceptionally large amount of common and branded parts), and sometimes I work on odd/strange electronics items.  I do a lot of repair work on musician's electronics, and quite a lot of work on seventies/eighties hifi.

I am well-known for quality and careful repair work; and, my repair shop is popular.   I've had to restrict my working hours and take 'rest breaks', due to age (86); medical problems; and, need for an occasional life outside the repair shop. 

Here is the status of my WaitList, as of February 25th, 2024: 
I am working on WaitList items as listed at the end-of-January 2024.  Some of these WaitList customers will be bringing me two items, so it's possible that I am as little as one month behind, or, as much as 6 weeks behind.     I am hoping to discontinue, or minimize, the use of a WaitList, by the end of April.   This all means I expect be on short turn-around around mid-Spring.

I did electronics repairs at my shop in So. Lake Tahoe for 48 years.  In late 2019 I moved to Carson City, and built a new shop.  I have no employees now, and do everything myself.  The 'new' shop is smaller, and has limited storage space for incoming & outgoing items ...that is why  I use a "WaitList" for incoming items.   To be put on the WaitList, either phone me, or, send me an e-mail.  I always double-check the phone number you give me, reading it back to you.

With your request to be placed on the WaitList, I will respond by asking for a few details, and after receiving that information I will give you an assigned WaitList number.   PLEASE write down your WaitList number, and attach it to a tag on your item ...because I will ask for it if you telephone or send me an E-mail about your WaitList position.   It's OK to phone to inquire about your Wait List status 10am to 4pm, 7 days a week; or send me an E-mail at any time. DO have your WaitList number!   info@fleischerelectronicsservice.com

As I get close to your number on the WaitList, I will telephone you to set a date and time to bring your item. If no answer, or you don't have an answering machine, I will use E-mail if I have your E address.  I DO NOT sell, give out, spam, etc., anyone's E-address or phone numbers.

My phone system does NOT accept/display texting!

Some people screen their phone calls and don't recognize my number, so they don't answer the phone …. and some have never set up voice mail messaging, so I cannot leave them a message.  Sometimes I hear  "voice mail box is full and can not take messages"...that means that unless I have your e-mail address, I can't leave a message for you.

I stop trying to reach you by telephone after 3 tries, usually at different hours/days; or, after two messages have been left on your answering device, without you then contacting me. 

After you are notified of your repair being completed, I appreciate you promptly picking up your item, due to my limited storage area.

I do have a published daily charge for overly extended storage of completed items ...but I have not enforced this.


NO work on:
TV's, VCR's, games, computers, smart phones, walkie-talkies, office machines, car radios made after approximately 1980 (we can tell by a free inspection, if the car radio is removed & brought to us ...by appointment only please).  I no longer crawl under car dashes, nor do I remove nor install car radios or other vehicle electronics items.

"CB" radios of the converted 10m to 11m Ham Radio types, and some others, will not be worked on.  I am very protective of my FCC Licenses...and, I don't want my work to cause radio frequency interference.   THUS.....I WILL NOT work on illegal transmitters; nor illegal 'power boosters'.

NO home or business service calls at this time.

In general I do not work on very many vintage and antique consoles due to lack of space.  I occasionally WILL do look-see's on consoles.  This may happen if brought to me in a pickup truck (OR?), with advance notice and an appointment.  I may remove a phono chassis, or instruct you regarding how to remove a phonograph or radio chassis.  DO NOT make assumptions....do NOT bring consoles unless YOU KNOW I agreed to look at or otherwise work on your item or part of your item.

I am restricted by my doctors regarding lifting very heavy items.  I'm beginning to turn down work on SOME of the biggest heaviest items.  ASK!....your item MAY still be accepted for work, even if heavy and/or large, if I have someone here to help me handle it.   Presently, my wife helps me; and, I have some roller platforms. 

For various reasons I do NOT work on: 
Certain Bugera products; certain Krell products;  Bose CD players; A FEW 'Very High End' CD players by McIntosh and Marantz. 
Certain B & O products, such as their linear tracking turntables, ...but I do still work on the early B & O turntables with the round speed-select touch-sensitive buttons that light-up.
Peavey's Eddie Van Halen amplifiers 5150 (any version, NO exceptions). 

I may or may not work on (ask me)
Egnater Tourmaster 4100 and 4212; Triple Lead Marshal's & JVM 410H. 
Class D amplifiers of any brand, any type, including powered speakers.  Class D amplifiers, as used here, means either either or both power supply/amplifier are Class D.


I WILL NOT do 'warranty paperwork' for you.  I DO provide a detailed invoice with repairs, and I may provide typed/printed information for your insurance or other needs/purposes.

WARNING!!    DO NOT ship repairs to me without prior-arrangement!

WARNING!!   DO NOT show up without an appointment, I can then be grumpy or grouchy, as you may be interrupting my work for others.

I DO NOT and WILL NOT accept 'bribes' to put your proposed work ahead of other folks.  I may prioritize gigging musicians equipment.

We accept cash.  In our 48+ years at So. Lake Tahoe, and 4+ now in Carson City, we've never had cash bounce.   I DO NOT; and have NEVER; accepted credit or debit cards, and I am quite UNhappy about checks.   If you insist of paying by check, and your check bounces, the results will be VERY unpleasant for you.   NOTE that I do NOT accept out of State checks.

NO restroom is available. 

These policies increase my repairs efficiency, decrease my blood pressure, and do a lot to allow me to keep prices low.



Electronics' usually contains "electrolytic capacitors".  These, and sometimes other parts, may be damaged, if you plug your item into a wall socket and power it on, if it has been sitting UNpowered, for a long time. My advice is to not power it, unless you have something like a Variac, that enables starting at a very low voltage; and, over a goodly number of hours, slowly increase the voltage; or, if no Variac, you know and understand using other progressive voltage methods that I can describe to you...some is quite simple and easy to do!  Wrong initial powering-up can even occasionally cause capacitor bursting, and thus may spray a corrosive substance....that substance is baaad for your item.  Done properly, my method often 'repairs' the capacitors and saves you $$$.  I have the proper equipment, and usually do not charge for capacitor reforming work during regular repairs.   I can describe over the telephone how to reform your capacitors safely, if you wish to do it.


Note:  Further information on capacitor testing, replacement, 'caps'...hype versus truth, ...etc., will be found on my HINTS page!

Bargain Basement (CLICK HERE!)

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 11:00am to 4:00pm.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, 10:00am to 4:00pm.
 (775) 461-3530  (NO texting!)
You must have a specific day and time appointment to be here!

So, you finally have an appointment day & time to drop off (or, pick up) your item; ...now what?

(You might want to keep in mind that we DO NOT accept credit or debit cards and dislike checks)

I may see you arriving if you use Gambrel Drive and I am in my office; so, give me a minute to open the garage door.   After a full minute, I suggest you call 1-(775) 461-3530 to let me know that you are here.   The shop garage door is typically closed, ESPECIALLY SO IN WINTER, OR HOT SUMMER DAYS, OR WINDY DAYS.  If you can't phone, you may knock loudly onto the shop garage door.  NOTE that I MAY NOT hear the ringing of the front door bell...so, don't bother using it.

Some maps and GPS's are WRONG!    Follow directions below!

The electronics repair shop is located in my garage, located inside "Quail Run",
a 55+ gated community, a long-ago part of Heritage Park. 
A small building with letters HP still exists at the corner of Saliman & Fairview.

My address is 1903 Teal Drive, located where Gambrel Drive meets Teal Drive, see below map.
DO NOT use what seems, on some maps and GPS, to be an entrance to this area from Saliman Rd.
DO USE the Bobwhite Drive entrance from Fairview Drive, see map, below.
From the mid-block corner of Bobwhite Drive and Fairview Drive, A FEW FEET after passing through the big open gate
on Bobwhite Drive, turn RIGHT onto Bandtail Drive; or, better, go one block further and turn RIGHT onto Gambrel Drive.  See the map below.

Parking areas

The most convenient place to park is on my driveway, RIGHT SIDE.   RIGHT means RIGHT, not middle, not left.  We offer instruction on what right and left are, if you are not sure.  If you need exercise, you can park at the parking area on Teal Dr.  at the curve (at the postal boxes area); OR, for nearly the same amount of exercise, you can park at the parking area just barely past Gambrel Dr, on the left side of Teal Dr, 100 feet feet or so from my garage.   Parking on the street is frowned-upon by the fire department, and homeowners regulations.  Street-Parkers are also exposed to old folks who possibly should not be driving. Some old folks here will be using mobility machines, golf-carts, walkers, canes, etc.   We may have youngsters here, visiting Grandma and Grandpa.   At dusk, we may have deer (we've seen herds of 7).  The deer have figured out how to jump fences or go through open gates and regularly teach their offspring during their excursions into this area.   Please don't speed in this area; there is no reason to exceed 10mph.  You might be amazed at the damage deer, or an eighty year old person in a mobility machine, can make to your car; and, you should consider your upcoming car insurance premium increases.   Worse, you could kill someone.  Please SLOW DOWN!

If I do not see your arrival and open the garage door in one full minute, then phone me at 1-(775) 461-3530  (NO texting!)

We service MANY more brands of all sorts of electronics

Bargain Basement (CLICK HERE!)





Some of our test gear at one of our 4 messy workbenches at our prior So. Lake Tahoe address.  We have
more test equipment now, such as more analyzers, oscilloscopes, power supplies, signal generators, Etc.
 I sold my Leblond Regal lathe and tooling, and my Mill;....just no room anyplace in the Carson City garage.

Below are photos of the new Carson City shop


Inside the shop branded parts storage............and..........the outside storage building for mostly generic common parts:


A professional 4 track cassette recorder. 
Many repair shops won't work on them
after 'trying' to fix one (often resulting in damage!).

Want to know about Nipper?    see:   https://www.rca.com/us_en/nipper-chipper-1720-us-en








For decades we did in & out of warranty service for Fender and many other brands.  Warranty work is time-consuming; and, with paperwork, handling, & any receiving-shipping, it was always a PIA, so warranty work was often a money loser. Doing it now would cause price increases, so I do not

Of course, I guarantee my work for you!  


Our HINTS page covers speaker phasing, etc. I have added to that page now & then with things for musician's & HiFi/Stereo/HomeTheatre owners.   If you have a subject you would like covered on the HINTS page, let me know!


I DO NOT 'try to sell you' parts nor service that I think are a waste of your money.  It is not terribly unusual for me to recommend that I do not repair an item you have brought to me.  This may happen if I think you will have continuing problems in the future due to extreme aging or other reasons such as if I think a repair is not worth the cost. 

I stock quality parts including vacuum tubes that I know from experience & testing will hold up to the stresses of musician's use.  I stock a lot of radio tubes.  I have a variety of selected tube brands because no single brand of vacuum tubes always provides the quality and specifications I want. This is especially so for modern production vacuum tubes.  For NOS tubes (New Old Stock) there can still be reliability problems. You are unlikely to find out about how serious this can be from other servicer's. 

I offer FREE advice on maintenance & use of your equipment.  See my HINTS page.  I offer tube matching & bias services.  Want to know the truth about operation of vacuum tubes, such as fixed versus cathode bias on output stages?  Standby switch sequence operation versus tube life?  You may ask me specific questions about vacuum tubes and use of your equipment, and I will try to clear up misinformation and outright hype found on social media and in manufacturer and sales department literature.   Are you being sold on a need to 're-cap' (replace capacitors) just because of their age?  I am quite willing to tell you the truth about such things...and, at no charge to you for the chit-chat.


I am not a retailer although I usually have some repaired items for sale, and I do supply parts to hobbyists, particularly so now that Radio Shack has mostly disappeared.  Here is a link to our page of repaired & other items for sale or trade, and I often have some FREE things there too!  THE PAGE DOES NOT COVER ALL WE HAVE FOR SALE (or TRADE, or for FREE)
bargain basement (CLICK!)

I SERVICE, Modify, Design, & REPAIR.  I DO NOT DO FRETWORK & NECK WORK on guitars. There are nearby places that do, such as Legacy Music.  I DO work on the electronics inside of many guitars.   Sometimes I teach/instruct wanna-be technicians on how to work on electronics.  I do this in hopes that they will want to purchase my business; or, get started in a business that has been good to me for many decades, and which needs younger blood....more often, the reason is just plain old-fashioned friendliness.

MANY stores send their repairs to me; especially the more difficult repairs. 

We were featured on KOLO-TV/Reno for our expertise, SERVICE, and WORKMANSHIP!  I have a copy of their certificate to me for anyone to see.

Few knowledgeable/qualified technicians now work on older (or newer!) audio equipment, and I am often swamped with work, with a backlog (Wait List).  I'm 86 y.o., and it's long past time that I should sell and retire.  I'm not going to be around for more than maybe another few years due to cancer and heart problems.   The business is for sale.  Parts, test gear, and all other assets. 

If you are knowledgeable/experienced, and want to work part time (or even full time), this might be for you.  You will need between $10,000 and $18,000 for everything (and there is a WHOLE LOT of 'everything').  Price depends on how much 'help' you need to get established, and how much of the test equipment, tools, thousands of parts, workbenches, machinery, etc., that you actually take.    Contact me if you, or someone you know, is interested in purchasing the business which includes extensive test equipment, parts, tools, all my customer files, etc.  Some or even considerable training, if needed, can be included.  Here's more:


My wife, Penny, was a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate for children) in the SLT area for a long time. Member of Friends of the Library.  Until mid-2019 we were actively volunteering our help for Bread & Broth at St. Theresa's;  ....& Penny was volunteering for Meals on Wheels. Director of Bringing Art To Schools program (BATS). Volunteer at the Juvenile Treatment Center.  Charter Member of the Lake Tahoe Ukulelians way back to when it was called the Tahoe Aunties! She tried to get a ukulele group going in the Carson City area, & has played/sung at several senior's places, & was volunteering at the Fremont school to help children with reading problems ...until the pandemic.  She got involved again, with the now defunct School of Rock.  She is still trying to start or join a ukulele group in the Carson City area.  She sometimes goes to South Lake Tahoe and plays with the large Ukulelians group which meets in the big room at the American Legion. 

We both have had our #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and the latest, our #6,  Covid vaccinations.  As I update this in January 2024, Penny is still volunteering at Carson Tahoe Hospital, two days a week, in the ER.  (Penny has a past that included being a RN and same in the Navy).

Penny was one of the original organizers of the Muscle-Powered bicycling & hiking group here in CC.  Due to my age and physical problems I have given up backpacking & downhill skiing, and gave away my last pair of downhill skis, boots, most of my ski clothes, etc.  We like Ballroom Dancing, concerts, travel, events. We don't manage nearly often enough to do these things...hopefully in 2024....and maybe some XC skiing and mild hiking.

I've had a long life, many experiences, have a great wife; and, some friends I am very thankful for.

More on Charitable & other organizations we've been associated with:

Sons In Retirement (SIRS): ....I was also their Webmaster.
Board of Directors of the Kiwanis Club of Tahoe Sierra.  Involved with Kiwanis for local children. I chaired the stein-holding contest for years at the Kiwanis annual Septoberfest at So. Lake Tahoe.  Penny was Kiwanis President-elect. Penny & my involvements included the Vikingsholm station for the Tour 'd Tahoe & Bike the West (both, multiple times).   I participated in most Kiwanis activities, but my involvement slowed & finally stopped, mostly due to health problems.  With our move to Carson City ...& the Pandemic, ...we have not yet re-joined the local Kiwanis Club.  We will continue with our present volunteering.  Not sure about Muscle Powered, now that Penny has given up bicycling (she gave her very nice bike to someone that helps at FISH).  Still a Member of the bicycling group Muscle-Powered, which is very civic minded.


I owned a part-time electronics repair business since my mid-teens when I was still in school, and later, college. Early-on I was employed as an electronics technician, and later as an electronics engineer.  Upon receiving my BSEE and then MSEE, & prior to moving to Lake Tahoe, I was the Chief Engineer of Linear Corp.  It was the position I always dreamed of.  But, after a few years I left Los Angeles to better enjoy outdoors life.  At Lake Tahoe I initially serviced TV's for two major resorts and did stereo & hi-fi repairs for local stores as a sub-contractor.  I sometimes did electronics design work.

I expanded my repair center and eventually my employees and I did nearly all the electronics work within ~80 miles, from a building on Washington Ave; and later in a building behind Kings Center.  HiFi, Stereo & other electronics repairs; design & installing sound systems in homes, businesses & churches. We sold & installed car stereos as Ultimate Auto Stereo from a separate building.  We did an increasing amount of repairs & modifications for musicians. 

I eventually moved the repair business to a large private garage to avoid drop-in customers, which distracted us from our work and nearly caused me to have to hire a receptionist/greeter/secretary.  The move kept costs down & I continued my substantially lower prices.   Today, the company consists of just me, working part-time, which keeps me from getting bored and annoying Penny.  It pays for utilities and some few of my smaller medical bills.   I'm NOT interested in working full time.  The business has been for sale, but the only 'listing' is in this website, link is in the lower left side column. Pass the word, you could earn some referral $, if a deal is done.

BSEE (UCLA).  MSEE (Stanford).  Many decades working in electronics. Patents in electronics.  Published in industry magazines, etc.  Member IEE (now IEEE).  Lots more boring-to-you stuff.

Worked for other companies besides Linear?  Yes... Douglas; Hughes Systems & Malibu Labs; BMW (motorcycles); RadioPlane; Telemeter Magnetics; Stoddart Aircraft Radio and Stoddart Electro-Systems; Medical Measurements Corp.

Who designed, wrote the old HTML code, & maintains this lousy, trashy, messy, way-overly-wordy antique of a website?   ME

Grumpy?   Seldom; unless you show up without an appointment!...or phone after hours (I close promptly at 4PM)...amazing how many DIScourteous people call me while I'm cooking, and at dinnertime.

Pricing & Policies:
Prices are kept down by not paying rent & utilities for an on-highway building; not allowing 'drip ins', not having a receptionist; not having additional technicians....and using a WaitList.   Shop parts & labor policies/rates are detailed here: pricing.   There is a lot of detailed information on that page, for repair categories, etc!

Licensed: State, City; FCC;  etc.

Served in the Military?
Yes, for a very long time. Semper Fi!
From Grunt to Proud Mustang
2nd Div. 
Yes, I had multiple careers at the same time!

I have had many hobbies & involvements ...photography, back-packing, flying, hot rods.  I restored, rode & raced old motorcycles ....and sidecar rigs.  I authored & still maintain a massive BMW m/c technical repairs website that is known all over the world. I was the traveling tech/fixer for BMW motorcycles (dealer level) on the West Coast.   My BMW repairs site is:  https://bmwmotorcycletech.info/. I am a well-known 'guru' for BMW bike repairs, had my own shop for many years.  Earlier I was the head of the shop at a dealership.  Most of my motorcycling was on 2 wheels, not 3.  Photo below was one of my sidecar rigs that I built; and, yes, I've driven it to ski resorts. I have over 650,000 miles on BMW motorcycles, maybe 850K on all brands of bikes.  I stopped riding in 2019 when my health problems increased.  I greatly miss the fun/sport.

What else?
I was a pilot, and hold certificates (licenses) for a variety of aircraft types; and, for flight and ground instruction, ETC.   I worked for two Agencies of the Government.

I try to play classical, jazz, and rock music on my piano.  I used to be good at it.  Penny plays the ukulele.  I do not have room for large machines in my present garage, so have given up being an amateur machinist. Gave up riding motorcycles due to health problems and no room.  I very rarely fly airplanes now.  It's too expensive.  Once in awhile I have a customer who owns an airplane, and we go flying; I may even give instruction.  Don't tell Penny.

I have worked with the Special Olympics; LTATF; and was Chairman of The Ryan White Consortium for both Alpine & ElDorado Counties for several years.  For years I volunteered to take care of the computer network for So. Lake Tahoe Senior Citizens Center. I no longer do that, nor anything else at Lake Tahoe.  Since late 2019 we've been year-round residents of Carson City.  We enjoy the area.

I may ask if you plan to sell the item you are bringing to me for repairs, or even just a checkout.   I may ask other questions on your usage of the item.     I typically tell you what I found when checking out your item.  The information is often in-depth.   I may suggest you do NOT repair the item (yes, that happens).  I may decline to work on your item, for a variety of reasons.  I may make suggestions to to you based on your proposed usage of the item.    I will NOT try to sell you services, parts, etc., that I think are a waste of your $, considering your usage or plans to sell.  I generally do NOT gloss over things.    If your item is aging quite badly, I will make recommendations, taking aging into account.  If, after reading this entire verbose article, you think that I have a particularly old-fashioned set of morals and ways of doing business, you ARE correct.

IF you cannot take the time to read this web article, you may not be my type of customer.

Last check/edit: Sunday, February 25, 2024